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Harmar Stair Lift Review

Is The Harmar Stair Lift Any Good? In This Harmar Stair Lift Review, I Reveal the Pros and Cons of the Harmar Stair Lift.

If you need more safety at the home, then you know the importance of stair Lifts for safety going up and downstairs. In my Harmar Stair Lift Review, I go through the pros and cons of this Harmar Stair Lift and reveal if it is a sound and safe product.

Harmar Stair Lift, You Can Remain In The Home You Love

A stairlift is a mechanical device for lifting people up and downstairs. For sufficiently wide stairs, a rail is mounted to the treads of the stairs. A chair or lifting platform is attached to the rail. A person gets onto the chair or platform and is lifted up or down the stairs by the chair which moves along the rail. Modern stairlifts can be found with a wide variety of features such as adjustable seat height, battery isolation switches, call stations, ‘flip-up’ rail, key switch, folding step, speed governor, seat belt, soft start, and soft stop.

What is the Harmar Stair Lift


  • Rocker controls with constant-pressure functionality stop the lift immediately if the control is released
  • Mounts to the stairs (not the wall) on either side of the staircase
  • Seat and footrest fold to save space
  • Colors: Light Almond, Evergreen, Mocha
  • Operates on standard 115 VAC household current
  • The extruded aluminum track is available in custom lengths
  • Free Lifetime Warranty on Motor and Drivetrain.
  • Separate controls at top and bottom of stairs Upholstery
  • Made in the USA
  • **This product will be custom cut to fit your staircase. Because this is a “Custom Made” product – it is NOT returnable.

Who The Harmar Stair Lift  Is For?

Stairlifts are used by people with limited mobility or the disabled that have trouble climbing stairs.  This allows these folks to stay in their houses without hurting themselves or preventing them to go to another floor.

My First Impression of The Harmar Stair Lift

This Stairlift is well built. A strong emphasis on safety. Attractive seating. The stairlift is also childproof, preventing any accidents.  You can stop the lift at any time. You can also call the lift upstairs or downstairs. This lift is also customizable to the specifics of your home. 


For The Harmar Stair lift By Harmar


Pros of The Harmar  Stair Lift

1) The backrest has three different settings

2) The spacious, wide seat features thick padding and attractive upholstery.

3) Landing Controls – A remote control is provided at the top and bottom of the stairs. Pressing the control will bring the lift to you. The lift will stop automatically when it reaches the end of the track. It will also stop if you release the control.

Cons of The Harmar Stair Lift

1)  Check installation before purchase to assure no unexpected costs.

2)  The price might be too expensive.

3) Our best advice – NEVER buy a rack and pinion stairlift – – – They require constant greasing (and that grease IS going to find its way to your carpets (and walls if you have grandchildren!)

My Overall Thoughts On The Harmar Stair Lift

After looking at this closely and weighing the pros and cons, this is a good product for people who cannot climb stairs.

In Conclusion  

Let’s keep our loved ones and those under our care as safe and informed as possible from falling, so I recommend the Harmar Stair Lift.

Reviews from Amazon

At the time of this posting, there are well over 4 reviews on Amazon from verified buyers. The following screenshots below are some of those reviews. You can click on the images to see more reviews on Amazon


5.0 out of 5 stars Absolute necessity for those with tub mobility issues!

Reviewed in the United States on September 28, 2019

This is a do it yourself weekend project for two people capable of lifting heavy components, accurate measuring rail brackets and have basic mechanical skills.
I have Parkinson’s Disease causing my assistant to do mos of the work so two otherwise healthy men could likely complete the installation.
Sense we completed it several weeks ago I ride the rail every day
3 people found this helpful

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For The Harmar Stair lift By Harmar


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Harmar Stair Lift









  • Smooth Ride
  • Low Maintenance


  • Check Out Installation Costs
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