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Welcome To The Tai Chi Balance Course 

Welcome dear friend. What I want for you is for yourself or any loved one or friend that is a senior to prevent falling, hurting themselves, or damaging the quality of their life.

This course is simple for all seniors to practice and develop their balance. It leans on Tai Chi but does not require learning it all. Nor does it stop them from trying to learn it all if you want. Its intention is to cover all aspects which makes it more than an exercise program. Look at the curriculum below.



Tai Chi and Balance? 

 BEGINNERS WELCOME! Starting to get balance will be easier than you might think from other balance programs.  Tai Chi gets to the root of the difficulties and provides the strength to maintain balance throughout your life.

Our Goal:   “Get You Balanced”| goal

Tai Chi Balance Course  * is more than an exercise program, It’s an entire approach to mind-body balance.  Tai Chi as a non-impact exercise that builds strength and balance. In addition, it includes mediations to avoid, how to make it stick, additional tools to assist you in getting balanced.

What You’ll Learn

You will learn to balance yourself with this step-by-step approach to understanding all aspects of balance. The core modules include videos for every lesson, so you can learn at your own pace and go back to any module over and over again.

What To Expect in Class | expect

In this course, you’ll receive:

  • Detailed HD-quality video lessons for balance
  • Support via comments
  • Resources to expand your understanding
  • Medications to avoid
  • Additional Tools to help
  • How to measure progress
  • Mind distractions

Course Curriculum| ciriculm

Module #1: Course Welcome and Overview

Module #2: Vital Importance Of Balance For Seniors

Module #3: Importance Of Tai Chi For Seniors

Module #4: Exercise #1: Leg Strengthening

Module #5: Exercise #2: Weight Shifting

Module #6: Exercise #3: Walking

Module #7: Exercise Module #9: Vision and Balance 

Module #8: Medications that Affect Balance

Module #9: Mind-Body Balance

Module #10: Measuring Progress

Module #11: Making It Stick

Module #12: Additional Balance Tools

Module #13: Course Resources

Module #14: Course Wrap Up

I’ll Be Right There With You

Tai Chi for balance has the ability to change your life. To reduce the risk of falling, the risk of breaking something, and the risk of ruining the quality of your life.

Your Instructor
| ed 4444b 4

Hi! I’m Ed Grosso, owner, and instructor here at seniorbathroomaids.com. I founded senior bathroom aids to share and help seniors from falling, It’s my goal to help you build the skills and knowledge that will last you a lifetime.  Are you ready to start the journey? Join me!






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