Tai Chi Balance Course 2020: Leg Strengthening

Start With This Overview Video

Leg Strength Is Vital | stanf 2 colors

The most important activity we can do for balance is to strengthen our legs.  We do not have to stand on one leg for balance, as many balance exercise programs suggest. This might be too hard for some seniors. First, we need to develop strength in our legs.  Standing is the simplest and most practical way to achieve this. We do not need exercise equipment. There is the Tai Chi 70% rule that makes sense for any exercise. It states to only go 70% of your maximum at any time, For example, if your maximum time to stand is 10 minutes, then stand for 7 minutes.  The longer we can stand on our feet the stronger our legs become. So, stand as long as you can, without hurting yourself.

You can practice this 10 to 20 minutes each day You can also practice whenever you are on a line, like in the supermarket, the bank, the Department of Motor Vehicle and etc.

The video below is not just for information but to practice along with me.

 Steps For Standing Alignment


  • Your feet are parallel
  • Your feet are shoulder-width apart
  • Your weight is evenly balanced on both feet
  • Do not lock your joints
  • Your knees are slightly bent.
  • Your muscles are relaxed, not clenched ( jaw, stomach,and buttocks)
  • Your shoulders are relaxed and down
  • Your lower back is straight, perpendicular to the ground
  • Your head neither tilted forward nor backward.
  • Your tail bone points straight down.
  • See the video


Additions To Standing Alignment

  • Bounce on your feet
  • Be aware of the bottom of your feet
  • Swing from side to side
  • Become aware of the weight of your body on your feet
  • KWA Squats



Sitting Excercises:

If you cannot stand here is a video showing you how to build strength in your legs sitting in a chair.

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