How To Mix And Match Pillows On A Sofa. If we want to properly arrange pillows on the sofa, there are a few things we should definitely keep in mind. Cushions undoubtedly add the finishing touch to the decor of our living room, especially pillows on the sofa.

Cushions are not only extremely decorative, but they also make a living area more comfortable. For this reason, they are suitable for decorating bedrooms, the outdoor area, for example on terraces or in our favorite places where we can enjoy a good book or the view into the distance.

We all need moments when we can relax. After a long day at work, we want nothing more than to come home and lie down on the sofa. With the help of pillows, we can make this moment even more pleasant and cozy.

How can you match pillows for your sofa:-

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Colors of the sofa cushions:-

Which colors dominate your living room? Pick the 3 most beautiful ones and combine them with each other. Do the colors match? Do they work in harmony with each other? We combined a few popular colors:-

Elegant look: gold or silver is often in the foreground and dark colors such as old pink, purple, dark blue, dark red go well with it.

Natural look: you often see white, light brown and a delicate green or water blue here. You orientate yourself on the soft colors of nature.

Decorate sofa cushions DIY with pillows on the sofa to create your own style.

The different pillow sizes give you an optical “depth” on the sofa. That looks cozy and interesting. The mix of lighter and darker colors also creates contrast. 

From the outside to the inside:-

There is one thing we should definitely keep in mind: we should always start from the side. It is best to start with larger pillows in the corners and place increasingly smaller pillows from the outside in.

If you have a fable for a minimalist furnishing style, you can also place pillows in the corners and leave out the middle of the sofa. The pillows do not immediately attract attention when entering the room. So there is still that feeling of openness and serenity that is so typical for this style.

Size the pillow

Choose from different sizes of pillows that fill the sofa nicely and are neither too tiny nor too big.

Try different formats such as square and rectangular/oblong. And experiment with different materials. Ideally, you should choose neutral colors for the largest pillows and no – or at most small – patterns. You can then use strong patterns and stronger colors for the smallest pillows.

With eye-catching decorative pillows, you can now set a different accent depending on the season.

Also, Symmetry is undoubtedly a very important aspect to consider when arranging pillows on the sofa. We associate symmetry with order, harmony, and perfection.

Choose the proper Scale Of Patterns

The pattern on the pattern is often quite intimidating at first, but if you stick with selecting different scales of patterns, you’ll find how easy this simple rule can make the method. The trick is to pick small, medium, and enormous patterns. Above may be a great faux fur textured pillow paired with a medium-sized geometric pattern and a smaller scaled patterned lumbar pillow. the motive of this mix works is because your eye isn’t drawn to at least one particular pattern or color but rather the whole combination. Each pattern doesn’t compete with the opposite, rather they complement one another.

How many pillows should we put on the sofa?

In the previous section, we said that we should always arrange pillows symmetrically on the sofa. But you should also consider the number of pillows you choose for your couch. The number of pillows should always be an odd number.

As a trick to work out the appropriate number, you can do the following: Put one or two more pillows on your sofa than it seats. If your sofa is a 3-seater, you should place at least five pillows on it.

Of course, you should also consider the size of the pillows or the shape.   Because if, for example, two of them are rectangular or elongated, they naturally take up more space.

Definitely, the fact that you pick an odd number makes the room more appealing to the eye (in our case the living room).

What about a chaise lounge sofa?

With so-called chaise longue sofas or corner sofas, we have to change the arrangement of the cushions a little. In these cases, it is not so easy to arrange them symmetrically and in proportion to the rest of the pillows.

To create a balanced image, we should arrange more pillows on the opposite side of the chaise longue. This leads to a more balanced result, as the chaise longue of the corner couch naturally has more weight visually, without the need to place pillows to reinforce this effect.

Pattern of the pillows

The style of your ambiance is guided by the patterns in the room. A pattern mix of 2 different sized patterns is very nice and often used. Ideally, you should choose pillows with a small scattered pattern and pillows with the matching coarse / larger pattern.

As you can see, there are a few things to consider when arranging the best pillows on the sofa. If you take these tips to heart, you will find that your couch will appear a lot cozier and more attractive.

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