Tai Chi Balance Course 2020: Weight Shifting

 Start With This Overview Video

What Is Weight Shifting?| shit w2 8888

  • Your goal is to shift your weight back and forth from one foot to the other in a smooth, relaxed manner, and, as you do s0o, manner, and, as you do so, lift and lower the heel of the unweighted foot.

 The Benefit For Shifting Weight:

  • Always know where your weight is and you will remain in balance. 
  • We become off balance when we don’t know where our weight is.
  • This also means being aware of the leg with no weight on it. You should feel your entire non-weighted foot on the ground.

   Posture For Weight Shifting Exercises:

  • Feet on parallel and shoulder-width apart
  • Maintain the alignment given above.in exercise #1
  • Shift the weight to one foot
  • The weighted knee is slightly bent
  • The foot with no weight in it should be touching the ground
  • Your pelvis glides across and does not move up or down, but shifts the weight
  • It looks like the picture to the right

   The Weight Shifting Exercises:

  • When done correctly, you will feel like you are pumping your legs up and down as if a riding bicycle. Shift your body’s weight to one foot, keeping your weighted knee slightly bent. Gently exert pressure through that heel. This will cause energy to drop down that side of your body. As you do so, move your other knee forward and slightly lift your heel, while keeping the ball of your foot on the ground. This will cause energy to rise on that side of your body.
  •  Sideways Shift: With your feet parallel and shoulder-width apart, shift your weight to one leg. The non-weighted leg still touches the floor, and you can feel your entire foot. Stay in this position for 2 minutes. Using your pelvis, then switch your weight to the other foot.
  • Forward and backward shift. Place one foot in front of the other. The heal of the forward foot should be close to the toes of the back foot. Keep the weight in the back foot. Move forward and backward shifting your weight.

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