Understanding Reviews

| 5 startsA great deal of emphasis is placed on the reviews of products. Some people swallow the information without thinking about it, which can be risky. In some cases that is all that we have, so we have to face it.

After looking at and thinking about thousands of reviews for senior bathroom aids, below are what I see as the realities, assumptions, and how we can hold reviews so they will make more sense to us.



  1. There are many products that are sold that the consumer did not want to write a review. So, reviews are a subset of how good or bad the product is. The amount of product sold without a review is usually not available.
  2. I have seen the same issue written up as a 1, 2, 3, 4 and even a 5 star. It depends on their perspectives . So, statements that concluded solely on reviews can be in some doubt.
  3. Some manufacturers pay people to do reviews and might skew the results. This is just a possibility. I have heard this many time over, yet I have no proof.
  4. Smaller manufacturers do not have the resources to do pay for people to give positive reviews. .
  5.  Amazon  now has verified review, which means they actually bought the product.
  6. Reviews change daily. I will attempt to update the charts and facts every month.
  7. Rarely do reviews occur months after the purchase, so, the reliability and durability cannot be accurately determined.
  8. At times, I am shocked by how non specific the reviews are., especially the positive ones.



  1. My rule is a 5 star or 4 is favorable; A 1, 2, 3 stars is unfavorable.
  2. I place more emphasis on unfavorable reviews  because I don’t want anyone hurt.
  3. I have stayed on the conservative side to protect people.
  4. Selection of reviews. They can be someone requesting  a review or I will look at the major reviews and pick the top ones and review them.
  5. Sometimes I choose a bad product to look at possible errors that we can use that do not appear on other products and might be useful to you.



  1. We can recognize that there reveal some problems with products, and we should warn others about those products and put it in the best light possible, but we do not want seniors  hurting themselves under any circumstances.
  2. In dealing with seniors who can be more at risk for serious damage and loss of quality of life we need to be more protective.
  3. The health care probabilities fall short in advising seniors.
  4. We need to find out if these problems can hurt us seniors and educate seniors on the problems to watch out for.
  5. There isn’t any improvement in the health statistics with all the products to date. One thought is that most of the people are not heeding the advice for using the senior bathroom aids to help them but are just wandering into these problems and then suffering the damage. We need to stop that.
  6. It is all about educating them, so tell every seniors and their caregivers you know to look at this website or equivalent ones so they don’t hurt themselves.
  7. I am reminded of the old saying of Buyer Beware (Caveat Emptor). There is also the longer version of the buyer beware saying. And here it is: “Let a purchaser beware, for he ought not to be ignorant of the nature of the property which he is buying from another party.” We can help with educating seniors and their caregivers, so they are not so ignorant about these purchases.


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