Tai Chi Balance Course 2020: Tai Chi Walk

Start With This Overview Video

What is the Tai Chi Walk?| alk2

  • The Tai Chi walk starts with standing alignment, then placing your back foot forward until it completely touches the floor without any weight. Once you can feel the non-weighted foot shift your weight to it. Then repeat on the other side. 

The Benefit Of The Tai Chi Walk:

  • This will build leg strength to support you.
  •  It will also allow you to work with gravity and not against it.
  • Helps maintain good posture and balance
  •  You always walk with a stable foot helping balance

Posture For Weight Shifting Exercises:

  • Maintain the alignment given above in exercise #1
  • Shift the weight to one foot
  • The weighted knee is slightly bent
  • The foot with no weight in it should be touching the ground
  • Then shift the weight it 
  • Then repeat 

The Exercise For The Tai Chi Walk:

  • Walking Forward: Start with your weight on one foot. Extend forward the non-weighted foot and place it on its heel. The heel placed close to the toes of the weighted foot. Feel you entire non-weighted foot on the floor. Then shift your weight into the non-weight foot. Keep in mind that your pelvis remains parallel o the floor. Then repeat with the other foot. Go as far as you can w. Also, keep in mind the Tai Chi rule of 70% of effort never 100% or more.
  • Walking Backwards: Start with your weight on one foot. Extend the non-weighted behind you and place the toe near the heel of the weighted foot. Feel you entire non-weighted foot on the floor.  Then shift your weight into the non-weight foot. Keep in mind that your pelvis remains parallel to the floor.  Then repeat with the other foot. Go as far as you can. Also, keep in mind the Tai Chi rule

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