Tai Chi Balance Course 2020: Making It Stick

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Importance Of Making It Stick:| sticks

If we don’t make these lessons and exercises stick, then we will regress back to our older ways and lose our hope to be balanced. This is an incredible waste of time and effort.  Here are three areas to concern.

  • Body Learns By Repetition
  • Our Beliefs Sustain Our Results
  • Mini Habits Are the Most Efficient Way To Achieve Results

Making It Stick: The Body Learns By Repetition

  • Like Building Muscles: When we lift weights over and over again do we then build muscle. Your body will balance itself when you practice these exercises over and over again.
  • It Takes A While. One does not become a bodybuilder overnight, It takes a great deal of time and repetition.
  • Discipline Is Key, You need the disciple to practice on a regular basis.

Making It Stick: Beliefs

  • Our beliefs create our reality. If your belief is when you age you will fall, then you will fall. If your belief is you will not fall, then you will not fall. So it becomes critical that we examine our beliefs and check our assumptions and conclusions and if necessary change our beliefs. Don’t let your beliefs go unexamined.
  • What are your beliefs about falling?
    • What are your beliefs on falling?
    • What are your beliefs about aging?
    • What are your beliefs on physical exercise?
  • A brief personal story:  I am physically fit and I do exercises and I do Tai Chi on a regular basis. As of this writing, I am 73 years old. I was sent to the hospital and walked out with two stents and too many medications. The medications made me light-headed and dizzy which challenged my balance. I challenged my belief.

Making It Stick: Mini Habits

  • Staying Below The Radar Screen. Too often we set goals that are too big and with all the great intentions we never follow through. Mini habits keep the goals small enough
  • Small Enough That You Can Always Do It The mini habit goals are so small that you can do them whether you are sick, exhausted, preoccupied. No matter what you can do them every day,
  • row As You Go Along: If later on, you want to grow the number of exercises then you can do it, but what you cannot do is less than the mini-goals,

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