Tai Chi Balance Course 2020: Mind / Body and Balance

Start With This Overview Video


  • Our beliefs create our reality. If your beelif is that you will fall when you age, the you will fall. If you velisf is you will not fall, then you will not fall. So it beomes critcal that we exmaine our beierfs anf check our assunptions and conlusions and if neccssary change our beleifs. Don’t let you belifs go unexamined.
  • What are your beliefs about falling?
    • What are your beliefs on falling?
    • ,What are your beliefs on aging?
    • What are yur beliefs on physucal excerise?
  • A brief prsonal story:  I am phyiscal fit and and exercise and do Tai Chi on a regular basis. As of this writing I am 73 years old. I was sent to the hospital and walked out with two stents and a too much mdications. The medications got me light headed and dizzy which challenged my balance. My belef that I was not going to be off balancedwaschallenged.
  • It appears to be tedious of an exverxsie, but it is increabily worthwhile. We need to closely examine these beliefs and see if they are based on false assumptions, false facts, and false conclusions

Positive Thinking

  • If our thinking is positive we have a better change of staying balanced than if we have negatibve thoughts, Remember, what you focus on is what you get
  • Here are a few statements to help you stay positive:
    • “How I see me, I will be.”
    • “My health is a perfect mirror of my image of self”
    • “I have a strong positive self-image.”
    • “How I see myself is my responsibility.
    • Work at making it work.” “I become what I imagine.”


  • Body is Better Coordinated When Relaxed, Our body need to be relaxed to communiate with all parts of our body, This is the  direct and simplest way to acheive the bodyto get  relaxted.
  • Mediation Help’s With Relaxation
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation


Here Is A Video On Progressive Muscle Relaxation


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