Elderly Independence – Mobility Secrets. Looking for How to improve mobility as you age? Here are some solutions for the elderly. This Review Reveals the best ways to improve mobility.

Thousands Now Move Confidently Who Never Thought They Could

Mobility issues can range from problems with walking, issues reaching for everyday items, or difficulty using the bathroom, or challenges getting in and out of chairs. While these may seem like relatively small issues on their own, over time, they can drastically impact any senior’s ability to live independently and can drastically inhibit their quality of life. Mobility issues that impact a person’s steadiness while walking can also present a major safety issue and increase a senior’s already high chances of falling in the home.

You Can Not Be Independent Without Being Mobility

7 Secrets Of Mobility

These secrets are from Tai Chi, but you can also attain these benefits from other exercise regimens, like Yoga or Pilates.

Secret #1 Developing Greater Endurance and Strength

Secret #2 The Body Learns Differently Than The Mind

Secret #3 Maintaining Healthy Joints

Secret #4 Improving Flexibility and Balance

Secret #5 Improving Health of Internal Organs

Secret #6 Improving Blood Pressure

Secret #7 Lowering Depression and Anxiety

Catch Problems Before They Are A Serious Mobility Issue.

  • Noticeable issues with gait or balance. Seniors who walk with a limp, can barely walk on their own, veer to the side, get lightheaded while walking or have issues staying balanced while walking or standing, may need to visit a doctor. Balance issues are actually the number one reason adults make appointments to see the doctor. There may be a joint issue, a problem with vertigo or even an inner ear problem to blame. Seniors with these issues may also be suffering from nerve damage, muscle problems, brain conditions or they may be having a stroke.

  • Seniors who fall or trip for no known reason over and over again. This could be more than just a mobility or balance issue, this may indicate a problem with eyesight, improper medication management, dementia or even Parkinson’s disease and should be addressed by a professional.

  • Complaints of being dizzy. Vertigo is a serious problem for seniors and constant complaints of feeling dizzy or lightheaded shouldn’t be taken lightly. This can be from high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia, chronic pain or diabetes. Seniors who are dizzy or lightheaded are much more likely to unexpectedly fall and hurt themselves, so this issue needs to be addressed immediately.

The CDC provides the 4 stage balance test to show how serious your balance issues are. Click below. It would make sense to try it as soon as possible.

If You Have Difficulty Walking Choose One Of These

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If You Have Difficulty Moving In A Bathroom Choose One Of These

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If You Have Difficulties Get In And Out Of Chairs

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Thousands Now Move Confidently Who Never Thought They Could

You can Too,

Mobility issues will not go away. Aging will keep putting them in front of you. You need to work at removing them. The secrets above are a great starting point to develop a stronger balance.

Good Luck…

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