Are The Best Wheelchair Cushions Any Good? In This Best Wheelchair Cushions Review, I Reveal the Pros and Cons of the Best Wheelchair Cushions

Sitting in a wheelchair for a long time is not without consequences. It can create pressure sores, posture misalignments, and skin tears. Wheelchair cushions are designed for people who have symmetrical or mild asymmetrical posture needing moderate postural support or moderate lateral stability moderate forward/rearward stability and pressure relief and provide a stable base of support. We are fortunate to have the company Spinlife with an incredible selection of cushions.

Best Wheelchair Cushions For  Pressure Sores, Posture Misalignments, and Skin Tears Comparisons At A Glance

Jay Easy CushionPosture Mate Wheelchair OverlaySupracor Stimulite ContouredROHO EnhancerROHO Harmony
TypeFoam + GelFoamFoam + GelAirAir/ Foam Base
FormFlat/CurvedOverlayFlat2 Cells HeightsPre Contoured Base
Seat Width14″ to 20″16″, 18″, 20″, 22″14″ to 20″12″, 15″. 16″, 18, “20”14″, 16″, 18″. 20″
Seat Depth14″ to 20″19″14″ to 20″12″, 13″, 15″. 16″, 18, “20”, 22″16″, 18″
PurposeModerate Skin BreakdownPosture & ComfortModerate To High Skin BreakdownSuperior Pressure Distribution and Skin BreakdownLow Skin Breakdown
CoverMositue ResistantFluid ProofMachine WashableMachine WashableMachine Washable
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#1 Jay Easy Cushion 20″W x 18″D Flat Base

| JAt cjusionn

The Jay Easy cushion provides skin protection and proper positioning . With a contoured foam base and a gel layer.  Fluids are distributed to create a cushion under bony regions, reducing skin breakdown. With multiple sizes and surface options, it can fit the needs of any individual staying seated for prolonged periods of time.  Designed for the client who has symmetrical or mild asymmetrical posture needing moderate postural support and pressure relief. It is lightweight pre-contoured foam provides a stable base of support. It provides help  with thigh positioning, extra postural stability and distributes pressure more evenly and reduces peak pressures.  Most suitable for the client at moderate risk of skin breakdown. Combination with the foam base conforms to bony prominences.

Details of Jay Easy Seat Cushion

Jay Easy Cushion
TypeFoam + Gel
Seat Width14″ to 20″
Seat Depth14″ to 20″
PurposeModerate Skin Breakdown
CoverMositue Resistant

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Pros of The Jay Easy Cushion

1) It is very easy to use

2) It gives good alignment

3) It is comfortable

Cons of The Jay Easy Cushion

1) Not for very heavy people sitting a long time in a wheelchair

2) Difficulties on plywood seats

3)  Some say  they need more  support from the gel

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#2 Posture Mate Wheelchair Overlay

| cushion overlay

The Posture-Mate® Wheelchair Overlay turns your wheelchair seat into a comfortable support system for most standard wheelchairs with a sling-seat.  This design with four-seat widths available can fit most wheelchairs. It allows your pelvis to immerse in the system while maintaining positioning all throughout. It provides the hips and thigh area with additional support. The back of the overlay has lumbar support, which helps with overall spinal alignment and posture while also keeping your back comfortable in the chair. Velcro seams allow for easy attachment of the overlay’s segments, while the secure straps keep the backseat, and calf in place while you are in the wheelchair. The calf guard is easy to remove, allowing full access to your wheelchair’s footrest.

Details of Posture Mate Overlay Cushion

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Pros of The Posture Mate Wheelchair Overlay

  1. Very comfortable and supportive cushion
  2. Multiple Usage
  3. Relief stress of  knee pain

Cons of The Posture Mate Wheelchair Overlay

  1. Some say it is hard as a rock
  2. Not suitable for large or heavy people
  3. Soem say it is uncomfortable

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#3  Stimulite Contoured Wheelchair Seat Cushion

| stimlus 1

The Supracor Stimulite Contoured wheelchair cushion is recommended for paras, quads and other individuals requiring a high level of pressure management in addition to upper body positioning.  Multiple layers of honeycomb cells are designed to create soft and firm areas for different levels of support and positioning. The adductors and an abductor contain the legs, without compromising transfers. The softer cells in the rear create a “sweet spot” for support to the ischials and coccyx while improving posture and stability. Recommended for those needing a high level of pressure management  Available in nine stocked sizes, also available in custom sizes

Details of Stimulite Cushion

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Pros of The Stimulite Contoured Wheelchair Seat Cushion


1) Cures and avoids pressure sores.

2) Reliability

3)  Fully washable

Cons of The Stimulite Contoured Wheelchair Seat Cushion


1) Some said its cost is a lot.

2} Cover is hard to take off

3)  Some said without velcro it is hard to keep the seat in place

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#4 Enhancer Wheelchair Cushion

| enhncer

The ROHO Enhancer wheelchair cushion uses a  two-manifold system for enhanced mid-line channeling of the femurs, lateral stability, and tissue protection. The three different cell heights create a unique support surface that shapes to the user’s specific seating needs. The design of the Enhancer allows for superior pressure distribution and is recommended for users at high risk for skin breakdown.  Shorter interior cells help to reduce pressure on the ischia and coccyx while the higher outer cells enhance stability and positioning. Contoured form for minimal shearing and friction. Best for those with poor sitting balance and who sacral sit. Available in over 10 sizes

Details of ROHO Enhancer Cushion

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Pros of The Enhancer Wheelchair Cushion

1)  Easy relief from pressure points.
2) Ease of Use

3) High Quality and Comfort

Cons of The Enhancer Wheelchair Cushion

1) Some said  the cushion cover is of poor quality

2) Some said it is expensive

3) Some said they had to pump the air more often than expected.

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#5 Harmony Seat Cushion

| Harminy

The ROHO Harmony® Cushion enhances a client’s seated stability. At just 1.25 pounds the Harmony® adds a minimal amount of weight to the client’s mobility. The cushion features the comfortable ROHO Air Flotation Support Pad and pre-contoured foam base. The Air Flotation pad is made up of multiple air-filled cells and the foam base is anatomically shaped, enhances stability, and allows for easier transfers. It is ideal for a person with a moderate to low risk of skin breakdown. Reduces discomfort and adds postural support. Enhances blood flow for longer sitting times. Available in six sizes

Details of ROHO Harmony Cushion

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Pros of The Harmony Seat Cushion

1) Dependable

2) No pressure sores on my tail bone

3) Size availability, comfort, easy to maintain, and keep clean.

Cons of The Harmony Seat Cushion

1) Some said it needs more Velcro strips on the bottom to hold in place, as it slides around too mu

2) Some said it was expensive

3)  Some said the air does not stay that long and I have to pump air into it often.


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