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60uP Balance Training System Review

Is The 60uP Balance Training System Any Good? In this 60uP Balance Training System Review, I Reveal the Pros and Cons of this balance training system.

Thousands Now Balance Confidently Who Never Thought They Could

Imagine you can move around without falling. Without a hospital visit. Strengthen your knees and legs to handle a wide variety of movements. Feeling the strength in your legs. And not end up a fall statistic. The 60uP Balance Training System can make that happen. 

CDC Fall Statistics

  • One In Four Americans Aged 65+ Falls Each Year 
  • Every 11 Seconds, An Older Adult Is Treated In The Emergency Room For A Fall 
  • Every 19 Minutes, An Older Adult Dies From A Fall

You Can See That Balance Is Vital To The Elderly

Muscle ache, knee or back pain, and arthritis get more severe with age. Seniors are more prone to aching knees and back, which makes it harder for them to stand and balance themselves. These elderly are at risk of falling and becoming part of the CDC statistics above. This is why we need some help to balance us. And let’s not forget the amazing joy you can get from having more balance and being free of worry. This equipment will not only provide strengthen your muscles for better balance, but it ensures your safety, so you do not have to worry about your well-being.

What is an 60uP Balance Training System?

The 60uP Balance Board is a fitness program designed to improve strength and balance through dynamic stability training. The main apparatus is a wide footboard, flat on top and bowed on the bottom, with a detachable support pole on either end.

The video below shows how to use this device.


  1. REGAIN YOUR BALANCE: 60uP is a patented training program for seniors or anyone with balance issues to maintain or regain balance and mobility, improve confidence, and help lessen the chance of falls.

  2. AS SEEN ON TV: As used by Bob Eubanks, the 60uP trainer improves balance, body strength, positive body alignment, and neurological brain connections in as little as 3 weeks.

  3. HOME BASED PROGRAM: You can use the 60uP training system in the comfort of your home while watching TV, or even outdoors. The set stores easily under the bed or in a closet.

  4. FEEL SAFE & SECURE: The balance board can hold over 1000lbs, has a low 4“ height for an easy step-up, and has a safe non-slip textured workout surface, plus dual balance flex poles with a secure grip. Anti-slip mat sold separately.

  5. COMPLETE BALANCE TRAINING SYSTEM: Made in the USA, the training equipment package includes 60uP balance board, stability poles, resistance bands, and an instructional DVD with 100s of exercises.

Who is The 60uP Balance Training System For?

60UP stands for 60 years old and UP. It is for elderly people. It is essential for people with more limited, decreased, or painful mobility challenges.  If you have been sitting too much as a result of an injury or lifestyle choice, your muscles might have weakened to provide adequate balance. Stop worrying about falling. Extend your quality of life with a 60uP Balance Training System.

My First Impression of The 60uP Balance Training System

I have spent a lot of years in Tai Chi and have developed a strong and aligned body for balance. When I look at this piece of equipment, I see it does many of the strengthening and alignment ideas of Tai Chi. I like that it has sticks to hold on to when someone is starting from an extremely poor balance. Simply just do the exercises. These exercises start off very easy and you can then work at immediate levels and above.

Pros of The  60uP Balance Training System

  1. Safer Physical Therapy Balance Training At Home!
  2. It Helps Improve Or Regain Balance.
  3. Builds Strength In Knees And Lower Body For Better Balance.

Cons of The  60uP Balance Training System

  1. A Small Percentage Of Customers Said It Was Cheaply Made.
  2. Some Said It Felt Unstable.
  3. An Even Smaller Percentage Said It Was Over Priced.

Reviews from Amazon

At the time of this posting, there are well over 600 reviews on Amazon from verified buyers. The following screenshots below are some of those reviews. You can click on the images to see more reviews on Amazon.



Reviewed in the United States on May 26, 2020

Verified Purchase

My mom has been suffering from an autoimmune disease for several years. She has lost most of her mobility to walk or stand for long periods of time. She has experienced unbelievable success with the 60uP. This board is well worth the money and commitment to work out. Amazing results in just a couple of weeks. She can walk with a lot more confidence and stability. I strongly recommend this product.


Finally, A Balance Device For The Home With HANDLES!

Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2020

Verified Purchase

Had this chair for a few days now and it’s awesome. I’m 5’9” and it is a little too short to rest your head on but it can be done. The quality is way better than expected..will see if it holds up well.

Since I have severe balance problems I had a fear of falling so I wasn’t doing much walking outside. Because I didn’t exercise I got weaker making my balance problems worse. I needed a device that would make me feel secure while exercising. This is it. I paid extra to order the poles that have no flexing at all and feel really secure about this. Also, the base is large enough that I have complete confidence and no fear of falling off. I can feel a difference already.48 people found this helpful

My Overall Thoughts On The 60uP Balance Training System

After looking at this and weighing the pros and cons, this is a wonderful piece of equipment that can save an elderly person from falling and hurting themselves. It adds to your overall quality of life as you age, making your life easier and more enjoyable. You do have to do it on a regular basis for the benefits to materialize.

FAQ’s About Balance Training Systems

Can this be used on carpeted floors?

In fact, it MUST be used on carpeted floors or at least on non-slippery surfaces, as the plastic slides easily.

How tall are the poles?

The poles are 45 inches high. We also have metal poles for extra stability – zero flex and those come in three sizes. 38 inches for those 5feet 1 and under – 45 inches for those 5feet 2inches to 6feet 1 inch – 50 inches for those 6feet 2 and taller. The yellow poles have a specific flex in them to help support the body weight and will speed up balance results – the yellow poles are where everyone will want to get to – but for those wanting full stability poles and so strong we suggest the upgrade to the aluminum poles. 

Do you eventually get to a point where you don’t need the poles?

I’m 75 and fall risk. I hang on so as not to have a bad accident. Also, both knees are replaced. I hang on for safety reasons.

This sounds wonderful. Wondering if this doesn’t help with my husband’s balance. Is this returnable thru Amazon?

Thank you. Returns will come back to 60uP and you can reach out to their customer service team by emailing – all return information is on our website at
Thank you and wishing you and your Husband the best of health and many many years of quality memories ahead.

In Conclusion  

The outcome is simple. This equipment can save your life or at least increase the quality of your life. Considering its high quality, it will last a long time paying for itself over and over again. If you work with it, we recommend that there is very little risk of being dissatisfied. Let’s keep our loved ones and those under our care as safe as possible from hurting themselves I recommend the  60uP Balance Training System.

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Please! Review your decision with your doctor or other health care professional. Their personal knowledge of your unique health situation is valuable.

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