There are many reviews between Balance of Nature supplements and Pure Nature supplements. Is there a big difference and which one might be better for you? The comparison Balance of Nature vs Pure Nature?

Comparison At A Glance

What is comparable to the balance of nature? Let’s take a look at the details between the Balance of Nature Veggies and Fruits and Pure Nature Supplements. I have read the reviews of these two products. Keep in mind that these products are supplements which means they supplement your normal meals with veggies and fruit not replace them. Also, keep in mind that these products are proprietary blends and do not list the quantity of each ingredient so, there is the part we will not know until they divulge that information. These details are for you to review and then look at the summary and straight talk below. You are welcome to comment and ask questions.

ItemBalance of NaturePure Nature
Detailed Product ReviewBalance Of NatureKaraMD Review
# of Vegetables in Capsules134
# of Fruits in Capsules156
# of Greens in Capsules49
Total Milligrams40202800
# Of Capsules Per day 64
Naturally Derived IngredientsYesYes
Doctor FormulatedYesYes
Non-GMO & Gluten-FreeYesYes
No Sugar AddedYesYes
Reliable Customer SupportYesYes
Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee60 Days90 Days
Shipping ConcernsNone1 Day Delay
In Major RetailersAmazon, Walmart, Costco Amazon, Walmart, Costco
Health Coaching AvailableYesNo
Price per Capsule$0.99/$0.77$1.33
Allergies SoybeanN/A
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The Soy Bean Allergy Concern

Several competitors complained that Balance of Nature has soybeans which can cause an allergic reaction.

From the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC), “Soy Bean allergy occurs mostly in infants and children and 0.4% of infants in the U.S. have a soy allergy.  Most children eventually outgrow their allergy to soy, at around 10 years old although some individuals remain allergic to soy throughout their lives.

For most people, soy allergy is uncomfortable but not serious. Rarely, however, an allergic reaction to soy can be frightening and even life-threatening. Signs and symptoms of a food allergy usually develop within a few minutes to hours after eating a food containing the allergen.”

Soy is also in all of these everyday foods and people do not readily reject these foodsbecause of soybeans.

  1. Bread
  2. Gravies
  3. Cakes
  4. Vegetables
  5. Cookies
  6. Steak and baked potato
  7. Burger
  8. Crackers
  9. Breakfast bars
  10. Salad dressing

If you are allergic to Soy you will know within a few minutes to a few hours and you can cancel the product. The bulk of the population is older than 10 years old and most likely has outgrown the Soy allergy.

Just How Expensive is Balance of Nature?

Competitors also complain about the expense of the product. What is comparable to the Balance of Nature.

Amazon reviews have stated that Balance of Nature capsules is too expensive. If expense is a concern, start by testing if it works for you with a smaller sample. Allocate a month to test. Here are a few additional considerations.

  • Take advantage of their first purchase 35% discount
  • Start with the subscription discounts and if it doesn’t work drop the next months’ capsules.
  • Eliminate the cost of certain vitamins – especially the synthetic ones like Vitamin C.
  • You can eliminate costs associated with expensive veggies and fruit for the month of testing.
  • Remember there is 100% satisfaction Guaranteed. You can be refunded.
Balance of Nature Monthly CostPer Day CostCost Per Year
Fruits and Veggies$69.95$2.33$839.40
Fruits and Veggies & Fiber$109.95$3.67$1319.40
Pure Nature
Fruits and Veggies$39.95$1.33$479.4
Balance of NaturePure Nature
Price per Capsule$0.99/$0.77$1.33
Total Millgrams Of Benefit40202800

Straight Talk About Success.

  • Success depends on your existing health conditions. It might take you longer if you have a big health deficiency. Balance of Nature gives you a model, the Triad of Health, to work with to understand where you are and what you need to be successful. There is no model to help from Pure Nature.
  • Success is also dependent on other items than veggies and fruit. Like physical exercise and mental attitude. Your Balance of Nature health coach will support you on this.
  • Coaching is the big difference.

Summary – What Is Comparable To Balance Of Nature

  • It seems like the other reviews are only focusing on the sticker price and not the price per capsule or the price per value. Balance of Nature is the best deal.
  • The concern that taking 6 vs 4 capsules is an advantage does not register with me. Taking 3 pills out of a Veggies bottle and 3 out of a fruit bottle compared to taking 4 out of a bottle is only seconds apart and not a big deal.
  • You are getting more veggies and fruit benefits in the Balance of Nature product than Pure Nature.
  • The price for Pure Nature is cheaper because you are getting less.
  • If you are allergic to Soy you will know within a few minutes to a few hours and you can cancel the product. The bulk of the population is older than 10 years old and most likely has outgrown the Soy allergy.
  • The actual capsules are cheaper with the extra benefits from Balance Of Nature.
  • The biggest difference is in health coaching. We need a lot of accountability to achieve success. Only the balance of nature offers this. I do not believe you can be successful without strong accountability.
  • I am also a client of Balance of Nature and I can testify personally about its high quality and coaching program.

Learn More About The Incredible Importance Of Coaching

Balance of Nature

100% Natural Fruits & Veggies

  • Gives You More Energy
  • Relieve Sick Symptoms
  • Great supplement for picky eaters (kids)
  • Health Coaching To Get Consistent Results

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  1. I do not want to pay 24.95 for the health coach if I do not want it. There is not option to opt out. I would like to take this but that is a turnoff.

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