16 Benefits For Soy Beans For The Elderly. Are Soy Beans beneficial for the elderly? In This Review, I Reveal the benefits, Pros, and Cons of soy beans for the elderly.

Here Are The 16 Benefits Of Eating Soybeans.

From the nutrient profile, you must have already got an idea regarding how nutritious it is for our health. It has been proved to take care of most of the body parts including bones, heart, brain, teeth, ears, nails, skin, and hair, and give us protection against many deadly diseases like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular problems, etc. In other words, eating soybeans increases our overall health and leads to general well-being.

So let us sneak deeper into the top 16 amazing health benefits of eating soybeans.

Protects your heart

A healthy heart is important for healthy living and you can achieve that with proper consumption of soybeans as recommended in the article published in “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”. Soybeans contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids that prevent cholesterol transport in the system. This reduces the concentration of the bad cholesterol LDL and increases levels of good cholesterol or HDL in the body.

Helps maintain body weight

According to an article published in “Journal of Medicinal Food”, soybeans have an anti-obesity effect on the human body. If you consume soybeans, you will remain full for a long time which will automatically reduce your food craving and calorie intake, and thus it helps you prevent being overweight.

On the other hand, if you are too thin and desperately want to gain a few extra pounds, then eat high amounts of soybeans as it contains proteins and fiber that enable weight gain.  

Boosts digestive health

Eating an adequate amount of soybeans is highly beneficial for your digestive system. If you are having issues related to digestion, eating soybeans will be beneficial for you.  In fact, those who suffer from constipation can get huge relief by consuming soybeans. This is because soybean is loaded with dietary fiber that adds bulk to your stool and promotes the smooth elimination of your excreta.

Strengthens bone

There are a number of health benefits of soybeans with strong bones being one of them. The high amounts of calcium and potassium present in it strengthen the bones and prevent easy breakage. The other nutrients like magnesium, copper, selenium, and zinc also allow the formation of new bones and speed up the bone healing process.

Improves metabolism and blood circulation

Soy proteins are important to maintain healthy metabolism in your body. They are the building blocks of blood cells and vessels. Proteins help in the repair and re-growth of cells and promote good health. In fact, not just proteins, soybeans also contain zinc and copper that aid in the formation of red blood cells. This enables good circulation of blood and oxygen to every corner of the human system and increases metabolic rates. Proper intake of soybean can also be beneficial in preventing anemia.

Helps prevent diabetes

Diabetes is another leading killer that must be prevented at the earliest. According to a study published in “Journal of Medical Food” the pinitol present in soybeans helps in the reduction of postprandial blood glucose in the Type II affected patients. Another study confirms the efficiency of fermented soybean products in combating Type II diabetes. Therefore, soybean is good for diabetic patients but you must always try to avoid the sweetened soy items and instead go for the unsweetened non-fried soy items.

Eases menopausal problems

Middle-aged women after having menopause experience various changes in the body that affect their health largely and if you want to reduce the discomfort do consume soybeans. According to studies, various soy foods like soybeans can actually ease menopausal symptoms and are often recommended in their diet.

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Good for nails

If you are tired of brittle nails, then you should eat soybeans in good amounts. The inclusion of soybeans in your regular diet for at least 6 months will strengthen your nails and add glossiness to them. This will also moisturize your nails and prevent nail fungus infection. Alternatively, you may also dip your nails in soy sauce to prevent the nail fungus from spreading.

Combats hearing loss

With age, most of the body parts stop working and that may lead to many health issues with hearing loss being an important concern. However, you can improve your hearing power with soybeans. This is because it is rich in zinc and iron that helps in the expansion of the capillaries, softening of the red blood cells, and stimulating the supply of blood to your ears. This procedure enables better hearing in aged adults.

Good for your brain

The human brain is important as its malfunctioning can drive people insane. So ways must be adopted to improve cognitive functioning, and consumption of soybeans is definitely one of the significant ways to boost brain health. The lecithin in soybeans is vital for the brain that stimulates overall cognitive function. Besides, the presence of phytosterols helps in the proper functioning of the nerves in your brain. Soybeans contain protein that stimulates the cerebral cortex that helps in learning and work. It also promotes better retention of human memory. This efficiency of soybeans is of great help for Alzheimer’s patients as well.

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Better immune system

Soybeans are packed with a number of nutrients and antioxidants that make your immune power strong. With proper soybean consumption, you will be able to fight various disease-causing germs and save yourself from falling ill fast. The nutrients provide us with added stamina and energy and improve our performance. The zinc content strengthens the immune system and facilitates the fast healing of wounds.

Good for pregnant mothers

Soybeans are very nutritious and are often recommended for pregnant women. This is because the main nutrients like vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, etc help in the development of the fetus. The vitamins along with folate also help in the production of the blood cells in the fetus. Studies also prove the efficiency of dietary soy isoflavones in the offspring. Moreover, by eating soybean, the body of the pregnant woman also gets the needed nutrients to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy.

Helps fight depression

Moods swings and depressive tendencies are quite common these days due to added pressure but these can be avoided with soybean intake. It may sound a bit weird but yes the folate content that is found in it in abundance helps to produce serotonin. This helps you to uplift your mood and fight the problem of depression. Many studies also show that soybean isoflavones exhibit antidepressant effects in women.

Relieves from sleep disorders

Proper sleep is important to stay fit and keep you going throughout the day failing to which can give a sense of restlessness and fatigue and lack of energy to work. However, this problem can be solved with the proper consumption of soybeans. The main reason behind that is the magnesium that is found in soybean in huge proportion. This magnesium improves the quality, duration, and restfulness of sleep, and helps you defeat the problem of insomnia. However, besides magnesium studies also stress the importance of soy isoflavones in reducing insomnia symptoms in postmenopausal women.

Helps prevent premature aging

Who does not want to look young and glowing and if maintaining a youthful look is so easy with soybean consumption why not give it a try? Eating soybean can be very effective in preventing premature aging. Soybean is loaded with antioxidants which when consumed in adequate amounts can prevent premature aging. So eat soybeans and maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and enjoy the youthful look for years.

Prevents cancer

Cancer in recent times has led to several deaths and so it must be prevented and if studies are to be believed, soybean will help you in that. The levels of antioxidants that we get from soybeans are efficient to prevent the onset of various cancers. They neutralize the effects of free radicals and prevent the healthy cells from turning cancerous.

Best Ways To Consume Soy Beans

soy beans


  • Add soy nuts to cookie or brownie recipes.
  • For cheesecake, replace half of the cream cheese with pureed tofu.
  • Use calcium-fortified soy milk in place of milk for pudding.

Main Dishes

  • Add tofu, tempeh, texturized vegetable protein or textured soy protein to meatless chili, soups and stews.
  • Cook extra-firm tofu or tempeh on the grill.
  • In meatloaf, use half texturized vegetable protein or textured soy protein and half ground turkey or lean ground beef.
  • Make a taco using pre-browned, flavored tofu.
  • Marinate tofu chunks in teriyaki sauce or your favorite dressing and keep on hand for an easy snack.
  • Puree silken tofu and flavor with ranch dressing mix, onion soup mix or taco seasoning. Serve with low-fat tortilla chips, potato chips or fresh vegetables.
  • Replace all or part of the ricotta cheese in lasagna or stuffed pasta shells with tofu. Blend soft tofu with salt, pepper, garlic, basil and chopped fresh parsley until smooth.
  • Skewer extra-firm tofu chunks for shish kabobs.
  • Use tofu sausage links, soy burgers or soy hot dogs as substitutes.

Restaurant Meals

  • Order miso soup in Japanese restaurants.
  • Try tofu with mixed vegetables in Asian restaurants.


  • Top salads with roasted soynuts.


  • Add a thin slice of baked tofu to a sandwich.
  • Use soynut butter in place of peanut butter.

Side Dishes

  • Use pureed tofu in twice-baked potatoes. Scoop out the baked potato pulp and combine with tofu. Add sauteed garlic and minced onions. Season to taste. Refill the potato shell with tofu mixture. Top with low-fat shredded cheese and bake until cheese is melted.

Soy milk

  • Make smoothies by blending soy milk, silken tofu, frozen bananas and other frozen fruit in a blender.
  • Pour soy milk over cereal or fruit, use in sauces, soups, puddings, muffins, pancakes or in any recipe that calls for milk.

How Do You Capture All These Benefits?

Health Benefits

There are a few items we have to talk about before you can capture these benefits. Here they are.


There are a few major beliefs that stop people from using supplements or using the wrong supplements. Here are some examples.

Belief #1: Your Foods contain all the vitamins you need    

It is a common belief that all the foods we eat have all the vitamins and minerals we need. This is not true. We as a culture have depleted the essential ingredients in our soil. It will be a long time before they fix this. Until then we need natural supplements.

Belief #2: Synthetics are equal to natural nutrients

Somewhere along the lines, we began to believe that synthetics supplements were as good or better than their natural counterparts. This is not true. If you want to know the details. Here is a book to review: “Supplements Exposed: The truth they do not want you to know about vitamins, minerals, and their effect on your health” by Brian Clement Ph.D. 100% natural ingredients are our best shot.

Belief #3: Vitamin science results are reliable

We are also taught to believe that vitamin science is the best reliable source of supplements and was as good or better than their natural counterparts. There is no scientific proof of this. 100% natural ingredients are still our best shot.

Belief #4: You can trust the “Natural” label

Worldwide, there is no official government-regulated definition for the term natural that represents a standard. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration refers to natural ingredients as “ingredients extracted directly from plants or animal products, as opposed to being produced synthetically.” But that definition overlooks the loophole that allows chemical additives to be routinely mixed with “natural” ingredients and marketed to the public as wholly natural products.

Be careful the “Natural” labels are at best misleading. 100% natural ingredients without playing labeling games are our best shot.

If These Benefits Do Not Get Into Your Cells, It Is Useless. This Is Called Assimilation And It Is The Most Important Function.


Assimilation in the digestive system is the process by which nutrients from foods are taken into the cells of the body after the food has been digested and absorbed.

If you cannot digest and absorb your food, your cells won’t get the nourishment that they need to function properly. Many health issues begin because people aren’t fully digesting and/or absorbing their food. This can occur for five main reasons:

  • Poor chewing and rushed eating
  • Hydrochloric acid insufficiency
  • Bile salt insufficiency
  • Enzyme insufficiency
  • Lack of dietary fiber

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