10 Benefits of Celery For The Elderly. Is Celery beneficial for the elderly? In This Review, I Reveal the benefits Pros, and Cons of celery for the elderly.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Celery

Celery has plenty of health benefits and fantastic nutritional value, but it tends to fly under the radar because of the many other fruits and vegetables that are also high in nutrients.

Here are 10 super health benefits celery carries that prove why it is considered one of the healthiest foods in the world:

1. Weight loss: One large stalk of celery contains only 10 calories—I recommend that you immediately add this vegetable to your diet. Feel free to throw it in a soup, salad, or stir fry—or munch on it throughout the day with hummus.

2. Reduces inflammation: If you’re prone to joint pain, lung infections, asthma, or even acne, eating celery on a daily basis can bring you some relief.

3. Keeps you calm: The minerals in celery, specifically the magnesium, actually help soothe the nervous system. I recommend that if you also usually have anxiety before going to bed, try eating some celery. It will help you sleep better.

4. Aids your digestive system: The high water and fiber content found in celery can aid your digestive system.

5. Contains “good”salts: There is sodium in celery, but it is not the same as what is found in table salt. Celery contains organic sodium, which is natural, safe to consume, and essential for your health.

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6. Helps your eyes: Vitamin A that is found in celery protects the eyes and can help prevent age-related vision loss.

7. Reduces bad cholesterol: A component called butylphthalide gives celery its color and flavor. That same component also reduces bad cholesterol. If you eat two stalks of celery every day, you can actually reduce your cholesterol level by seven points.

8. Lower blood pressure: Phthalide is another compound found in celery—it has been proven to increase circulatory health.

9. Increase your sex drive: Dr. Alan R. Hirsch, Director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, states that two pheromones found in celery, androstenone and androstenol, can actually boost your arousal levels.10. Helps fight cancer: Two studies that were conducted at the University of Illinois show that the flavonoid luteolin found in celery actually decreases the growth of cancer cells. Another study also shows that consuming celery on a regular basis can delay the formation of breast cancer cells.

Best Ways To Consume Celery

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Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Celery

  • A Quick Appetizer. Stuff stalks with low-fat cream cheese and sprinkle with paprika.

  • Can You Eat the Leaves? Yes, You Can! Instead of throwing them away, use them in soup, stuffing, salad, and other cooked dishes.

  • More Veggies for Your Stews! Pump up the nutrition in your soups and stews by adding chopped celery. Adds a little crunch too.

  • Tacos! That’s right! Celery adds just a little more crunch to these tasty
    California Avocado Tacos!

  • Celery & Spinach. Do a little something different with your spinach salad. Combine diced celery, shredded carrot, cooked pasta, bell peppers and corn. Serve over a bed of spinach and top with your favorite low-fat salad dressing.

  • Texture for Tuna. Add a little texture to tuna or chicken salad. Mix together chopped celery, mayonnaise or mustard, and tuna or chicken. Serve over whole wheat bread or a toasted English muffin. For an extra kick, add a dash of hot sauce to the mixture.

  • An Easy Side. For an easy side dish, braise celery in vegetable stock and season with your favorite herbs or a little bit of salt and pepper.

  • Celery Salsa! Heat oil and stir in garlic, tomato, celery and onion. Pour in tomato juice and bring to a boil. Cook until onions and celery are tender. Stir flour into the salsa to thicken. Season with salt, pepper and hot sauce. Serve with baked tortilla chips.

  • Stir-Fried Celery? Absolutely! Use celery in your next vegetable stir fry. Heat a little olive oil and sauté chopped celery, carrots, broccoli florets, onions and bell peppers. Add reduced-sodium soy sauce and serve over brown rice or in a whole wheat pita.

  • Ants on a Log. Add peanut butter to the inside of celery and top off with raisins for a quick, fun, and nutritious treat for your kids! Also try switching the peanut butter out with hummus.

How Do You Capture All These Benefits?

Health Benefits

There are a few items we have to talk about before you can capture these benefits. Here they are.


There are a few major beliefs that stop people from using supplements or using the wrong supplements. Here are some examples.

Belief #1: Your Foods contain all the vitamins you need    

It is a common belief that all the foods we eat have all the vitamins and minerals we need. This is not true. We as a culture have depleted the essential ingredients in our soil. It will be a long time before they fix this. Until then we need natural supplements.

Belief #2: Synthetics are equal to natural nutrients

Somewhere along the lines, we began to believe that synthetics supplements were as good or better than their natural counterparts. This is not true. If you want to know the details. Here is a book to review: “Supplements Exposed: The truth they do not want you to know about vitamins, minerals, and their effect on your health” by Brian Clement Ph.D. 100% natural ingredients are our best shot.

Belief #3: Vitamin science results are reliable

We are also taught to believe that vitamin science is the best reliable source of supplements and was as good or better than their natural counterparts. There is no scientific proof of this. 100% natural ingredients are still our best shot.

Belief #4: You can trust the “Natural” label

Worldwide, there is no official government-regulated definition for the term natural that represents a standard. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration refers to natural ingredients as “ingredients extracted directly from plants or animal products, as opposed to being produced synthetically.” But that definition overlooks the loophole that allows chemical additives to be routinely mixed with “natural” ingredients and marketed to the public as wholly natural products.

Be careful the “Natural” labels are at best misleading. 100% natural ingredients without playing labeling games are our best shot.

Learn More About The Incredible Importance Of Coaching

If These Benefits Do Not Get Into Your Cells, It Is Useless. This Is Called Assimilation And It Is The Most Important Function.


Assimilation in the digestive system is the process by which nutrients from foods are taken into the cells of the body after the food has been digested and absorbed.

If you cannot digest and absorb your food, your cells won’t get the nourishment that they need to function properly. Many health issues begin because people aren’t fully digesting and/or absorbing their food. This can occur for five main reasons:

  • Poor chewing and rushed eating
  • Hydrochloric acid insufficiency
  • Bile salt insufficiency
  • Enzyme insufficiency
  • Lack of dietary fiber

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Balance of Nature

#1 Source Of Celery

  • Gives You More Energy
  • Relieve Sick Symptoms
  • Great supplement for picky eaters (kids)
  • Health Coaching To Get Consistent Results

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

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