Hello, it’s Ed here. If you’re on the hunt for the best outdoor cameras for the elderly, you’ve landed in the right place. In this article, I’ll be sharing the top 3 outdoor cameras that can significantly enhance the safety of your elderly loved ones. As a senior myself, I understand the importance of security and peace of mind, especially when it comes to our homes. These outdoor cameras offer real-time surveillance, ensuring that you can keep an eye on your property at all times. So, let’s delve into these devices and find out which one is the best fit for your needs.l.

“See How Easily You Can Secure Your Home.”

Did you know on average, there are some 2.5 million burglaries occurring every year In the USA.? 

Did you know stats reveal that there are around 2.5 million burglaries happening each year, 66% of which are home break-ins?

Did you know 90,909 home burglaries took place during the daytime in 2019

Imagine if there was a simple cure to handle most of these problems.

You don’t have to imagine it, it is created. It’s called Outdoor Security Camera.

Read below to know more.  

Even having an outside home security camera installed on your property will deter burglars and other undesirables. Convicted offenders agree that they avoid residences with surveillance cameras.

In this article, we’re reviewing the best outdoor security cameras.

Best Outdoor Cameras For Seniors At A Glance

At A Glance

#1. eufy Security Camera


eufy camera

eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit, Security Camera Outdoor

  • eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit, Security Camera Outdoor, Wireless Home Security System with 180-Day Battery Life, HomeKit Compatibility, 1080p HD, IP67, Night Vision, No Monthly Fee.

  • Half-Year Security from 1 Charge – Avoid frequent trips to charge the battery and enjoy 180-day battery life from just one charge.

  • Detailed Night Vision – View recordings or live footage in crisp clarity, even at night, for a clear view of who’s there.

  • The Alerts That Matter – Human detection technology enables your outdoor security camera to intelligently detect body shape and face patterns. Ensuring you are only alerted when a person, and not a stray cat, approaches.

  • Ready for Any Weather – With an IP67 weatherproof rating, eufyCam 2C is built to withstand the elements.

Pros For eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit, Security Camera Outdoor

  • Improvement Over Blink.
  • Battery Lasts A Crazy Long Time.
  • You Can Share The Cameras With Your Family.
  • There Is A Sleep Feature.

Cons For eufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit, Security Camera Outdoor

  • Some Said  It Will Detect Numerous False Detections.
  • Some Said Its Battery Life Is Mediocre.
  • Some Said The Camera Quality Is Pretty Poor.

Why You Should Get A Outdoor Security Camer

| why

1. Scare Away Criminals

Even having an outside home security camera installed on your property will deter burglars and other undesirables. Convicted offenders agree that they avoid residences with surveillance cameras.

2. With The Right Outdoor Security Camera, You Can Feel The Safe In Your Own Home

It’s critical to secure your house and family with the proper outdoor home security camera during these trying times. We are all vulnerable to vandals, thieves, and other outside dangers, regardless of where we reside. As a result, installing a security camera appears to be a need rather than a luxury.

3. Active Video Surveillance System

Modern home security systems include video surveillance features that are incredibly effective. Your video surveillance camera begins delivering you live notifications of any activity in the event of an emergency. This enhances your odds of surviving any incident and lowers your danger of losing money. 

4. Be Aware of the Comings and Goings of People

Adding a good security camera to the outside of your house has several key benefits. The primary benefit is being able to see who has come to or left your house and when. This is useful for security, but it is equally useful in other ways. For example, with an outside camera, you could see if your package got delivered and if it got thrown or dropped by the delivery driver.

5. Protect Your Property

Homeowners are always looking for ways to make their property feel safer from burglaries, vandalism, and trespassing. One easy way to do this is with a home security camera. These types of cameras are fast becoming the most popular security system for homeowners. Although home security systems were once found only in big houses or businesses, they now emerge in suburban areas and tiny homes.

6. Check On Your Kids And Family

Most parents grumble that they wish to keep an eye on their children but don’t have time to do so. They rarely have time for their children due to work, groceries, travel, and domestic tasks. For them, indoor home security cameras fix the problem. Parents and homeowners can use the live video surveillance feature on their mobile phones to keep an eye on their children and other family members. So they may look in on any portion of their house at any time.

7. Insurance Benefits

A homeowner’s insurance policy is intended to cover losses or damages incurred as a result of a variety of damaging incidents. An outdoor home security camera gives proof of the incident, supporting your insurance claim in the unfortunate event of a burglary or theft. In addition, if you secure your home from burglary and fire with a properly installed home security system, insurers will give you a discount on your home security. 

What To Look For When Buying Outdoor Security Camera

| what


Consider the number of cameras you will need for the surveillance of your property keeping in mind some cameras come with a monthly cloud storage fee.

One to two camera systems can range from $40 to $250.

Camera Types

There are three types of cameras to choose from including Wire-free, Wireless, and Wired.


Wire-free Wi-Fi cameras are the easiest to install using rechargeable batteries that can be charged with a USB cable. Some camera batteries last 6 months while other camera batteries last up to two years. However, they tend to drain quickly in colder weather. You can also add on a solar panel to keep your camera’s battery charged.


Wireless Wi-Fi cameras are easy to install as long as you have a power source close by and a strong Wi-Fi signal.


Wired cameras are a bit more challenging to install since they are hard-wired to both a power source and an ethernet port.

Connecting to Home Network

Most cameras use Wi-Fi to connect to your home network. This enables you to access your cameras from your mobile device or tablet.

Smart Home

You may already have a smart hub in your home such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to connect your smart devices to your home’s network. Check the camera’s compatibility with your smart hub. This may narrow your decision on what camera to purchase. A few other hubs available are Samsung SmartThings and Apple Home Kit.

Camera Resolution

This refers to the size of the digital image the camera produces in terms of pixels. The more pixels you have, the sharper the image.

720p can give you a fairly sharp picture and doesn’t require a lot of storage capacity. 1080p is the most common resolution and doesn’t require a great deal of storage capacity. 2k & 4k (Ultra HD) cameras are also available but they require a strong network connection and greater storage capacity, resulting in possible cloud storage fees.

Video Storage

Most cameras typically store the video in cloud storage for seven days before deleting it. If more than a week’s worth of video storage is needed, you may need to subscribe to a cloud storage plan. Some cameras store video locally using a USB thumb drive or micro-SD card. There are cameras that offer both local and cloud storage.

Other Options

Even though most outdoor security camera systems come equipped with these options, a few other things to consider before purchasing are:

Field of View

The camera can view 110, 130, 160, up to a full 180 degrees.

Flood light

Motion-activated floodlight cameras can add extra security to your system.

Night Vision

Good clear pictures at night are always a good thing.

Real Time

Camera surveillance in real-time to your mobile device.

2-way Talking

This is like an intercom. You can communicate with the person in your camera’s view and hear them as well.


You can sound an alarm from your mobile device.

Alerts to Phone

Motion-detected alerts come directly to your mobile device.

Operation Conditions

Consider your climate. Most cameras can operate in temps ranging from -20° F to 120°F.

#2. Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera

Runner Up

arlo camera_

Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera

  • Capture clear details in full high definition – Arlo’s Essential security camera records video in 1080p for a clear picture and see more of your property thanks to the wide 130º viewing angle. Controller Type:Amazon Alexa; Vera.Connectivity protocol: Wi-Fi.Power source type: Battery Powered.

  • See more at night – See important features like faces or license plates in full color, at night, with color night vision to make these outdoor security cameras the perfect cameras for home security.

  • Smarter alerts, quicker action – Receive notifications from your home security cameras for people, vehicles, and packages so you can take quick action such as sound the siren, call a friend, or dial emergency services, with the included Arlo Secure trial.

  • Respond quickly – Hear and speak to visitors at your with clear, two-way audio and can be easily used as a baby monitor with camera and audio, nanny cam, and pet camera.

  • 100% wireless design – Simplify your home security system by utilizing Arlo’s wifi camera capability to connect directly to your Wi-Fi for fast, wire-free installation with no hub required.

  • Weather-resistant outdoor camera for year-round security – The wireless camera is

Pros ForArlo Essential Spotlight Camera

  • Simple User-Friendly Devices.
  • Great image quality.  
  • Spotlight helps brighten up the area.

Cons ForArlo Essential Spotlight Camera

  • Some Said The Cameras Do Not Work All The Time.
  • Some Said You Have To Have A Subscription For This Item.
  • Some Said It Has Questionable Quality.

#3 Outdoor Security Camera

For Seniors


blink camera

Blink Outdoor – Wireless, Weather-Resistant HD Security Camera

  • Blink Outdoor is a wireless battery-powered HD security camera that helps you monitor your home day or night with infrared night vision.

  • With long-lasting battery life, Outdoor runs for up to two years on two AA lithium batteries (included).

  • Store video clips and photos in the cloud with the Blink Subscription Plan and save events locally to the Blink Sync Module 2 via a USB flash drive (sold separately).

  • Outdoor is built to withstand the elements to help you protect your home inside or out, come rain or shine.

  • Designed so you can set up yourself in minutes. No wiring and no professional installation are required.

  • Get motion detection alerts on your phone with the option to customize motion zones in the Blink Home Monitor app so you’re only alerted when you need to be.

  • See, hear, and speak to visitors with live view in real-time and two-way audio features on your Blink app.

Pros For Blink Outdoor – Wireless, Weather-Resistant HD Security Camera

  • The Video Quality Is Excellent.
  • Extremely Easy To Move Around.
  • Lots Of Mounting Options.
  • Customer Support Is Super Decent.
  • No Subscription Is Needed To Store Clips.

Cons For Blink Outdoor – Wireless, Weather-Resistant HD Security Camera

  • Some Said You Can Blow Through Batteries.
  • Some Said Other People With Hardwired Cams.
  • Some Said  You Can Get Gaps In Your Videos.

FAQ’s About Outdoor Security Cameras


Question: Does it work with a solar panel?

Answer: You can use a VMA3600 Solar Panel to keep your Essential XL Spotlight camera outdoors with continuous power.

Question: Mounted under the second-floor eave how do I recharge that?

Answer: Amazon sells long electrical cords which can plug into your camera to keep it charged. The cord then runs into your garage or home via a small hole to an electrical outlet. If someone cuts the cord, you still have the battery charging the camera.

Question: Does it require wifi?

Answer: Wifi is required in the house where you connect the “home base” to via ethernet cable (provided), but you don’t have to be using your wifi on your phone to view the feed. If your wifi is turned off on your phone, you’ll get an alert that Eufy is utilizing your phone provider’s data plan.

Question: Are these cameras compatible with Alexa to perform routines and announcements?

Answer: Yes, these cameras can work with Alexa.

Final Thoughts / Conclusion

final thoughts

In conclusion, outdoor cameras are a crucial tool for ensuring the safety of our homes and our elderly loved ones. Whether it’s the eufy Security Camera with its detailed night vision, the Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera with its real-time alerts, or the budget-friendly Blink Outdoor Camera, there’s a device out there to suit your needs and budget. Remember, the safety and peace of mind these devices provide are invaluable. As always, please consult with your doctor or other health care professional before making any major decisions. Their personal knowledge of your unique health situation is invaluable. I hope this article has been helpful and has given you a clearer understanding of the best outdoor cameras for the elderly. Stay safe, stay connected, and keep caring for your loved ones

Seufy Security, eufyCam 2C 2-Cam Kit, Security Camera Outdoo is a close runner-up.

If you are on a budget we suggest the Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera which is the least expensive.

So we hope that helps to narrow down some of the best Infrared Saunas available. We’ll continue to monitor any new units that come out and add to this post if we see any that look promising.

Let us know which one you go for!

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