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The Crucial Importance of Coaching. Changing health, or eating habits requires a lot of self-discipline and support. We need someone to hold us accountable and more.

Most of us know from experience that making lifestyle changes can be difficult. Sometimes years go by and we just don’t seem to be able to make the changes we desperately need to make such as quitting smoking, losing weight, getting back in shape, or kicking bad habits such as unhealthy eating. Then one day we walk out of the doctor’s office with a cancer diagnosis and we wonder why.

Our health is impacted by the lifestyle we live though. Many of us get away with bloody murder (or think we do) in terms of how much abuse we can administer to ourselves without obvious consequences. It’s a story that does not end well for many people. When finally faced with rapidly declining health, we just somehow cannot muster the discipline to make those dietary and lifestyle changes.

In this article, we’re looking at what can a coach do to help make the changes you want.

Here Are Several Things A Coach Can Do For You

What is Coaching

1. Modify Goals – Most Goals Need Fine-Tuning

A coach can help create, clarify, and simplify goals. Make these goals measurable, expand goals, and eliminate bad goals.

2. Improve Environment – Environments Support and Shapes

A coach can Establish support structures, and daily habits and help resolve toxic people.

3. Challenge and Push – We All Need A Push At Times

A coach can challenge, demand change, correct assumptions, refuse to coach, and identify potential consequences.

4. Improve and Strengthen – Help The Individual To Build Skills And Self

A coach can help develop self-discipline, and daily habits, and resolve toxic environments. They can strengthen choices, decisions, and research data.

5. Strengthen Internally – Strength Permits Rapid Growth

A coach can help resolve assumptions about health and food. They can increase self-esteem, integrity, physical exercises, eating habits, and reduce stress.

Coaching Possibilities In The Future

1. Create a Gap – Gaps Pull A Individual Forward

A coach can help them find their truths, Plant seeds, draw distinctions, set big goals, and point out unseen goals.

2. Bond Fully – Trust Accelerates Growth

A coach can help by listening to care, identifying feelings, validating concerns, sharing intuition, respecting each other, finding common ground, emphasizing what matters most, and always telling the truth.

3. Make Individuals Smarter – Educate Them Continuously

A coach can help with formulas, messaging, principles, tell stories, and help them to teach someone else.

4. Reduce or Eliminate – Less Creates Space For More

A coach can help eliminate problems, resistance, delays, doubt, fear, stress, and bad habits,

5. Using Program Checklists – Coach 24 Hours A Day Via Programs

A coach can help by giving you a program to follow. Clean up your tolerations, values, needs, reserves, and extreme self-care.


The majority of people will not achieve their health goals. They will start strong and then they will fizzle out. They will suffer more than they should. And not getting what they want. The temptations are usually too strong and too frequent. The level of self-discipline required is high.

Here are the top 5 reasons why people do not achieve their goals.

1. They do not believe.

Believing is the first step. You have to believe that you will succeed. When you believe, every other attribute that will be needed to assist you in your journey will emerge. Perseverance, motivation, and persistence are just a few. Not believing that it can be done never allows you to start.

2. They have no vision of their goal achievement

– What this means is that although you may have a goal, you have not envisioned the desired result. You need to visualize where you want to be once you have achieved your goal. If you were going on a vacation, you would know exactly where you were going. You would know exactly what you want to do.

3. They have no plan –

The plan is a guideline. It can be ever-changing depending upon your goal. The key is to have a plan and make adjustments as you progress towards your goal.

4. Procrastination

They are waiting for the right time. They are waiting to be at this particular stage in their life. They are waiting for their financial status to change. Here’s the problem: there will never be a right time. Time can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you have a strong enough desire to achieve your goal, you will not wait. Procrastination is a result of a lack of desire.

5. Afraid to fail

The last reason why people do not achieve their goals is that they are afraid to fail. When it comes to goal setting and goal achievement, failure is a part of the process. In order to succeed, you will fail. You must understand that failure is not the end of goal achievement. Quitting is the end of goal achievement. Everyone who has achieved some type of success failed before they reached their goal. Failure teaches you what needs to be improved. Failure is an essential learning tool. Once you understand that failure is not the end but a key to your success, you will achieve all your goals and dreams.

These are the five reasons I have deduced that prevent people from reaching their goals. Three of the reasons simply require a change in thinking (#1, #3, and #5). If you are able to change your mindset, you will achieve your goals. So I leave you with this question: “what’s preventing you from achieving your goals?”

Good Luck…

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