Looking for 3 Best Sock Aids For Seniors? Here are The 3 Best Sock Aids For Seniors This Review Reveals the Favorite and Most Economical for this product.

Sock Aids help seniors put on and off their socks. Seniors with mobility issues or injuries can benefit from these sock aids. It can be extremely frustrating not to be able to put on your own socks or have to rely on someone else to do it.

Sock Aids Can Enrich A Senior’s Life

The Best Sock Aids For Seniors

If you’re in a hurry, here are links to our favorite Sock Aids For Seniors. We go into more detail about why we like them later on in this article.

Best Sock Aids For Seniors At A Glance

1Vive-Sock-AidVive Sock Aid
2Allstar Innovations - Sock SlideAllstar Innovations
– Sock Slider
Runner Up
3RMS Deluxe Sock AidRMS Deluxe
Sock Aid

Our Favorite Sock Aids For Seniors Reviews

#1. Vive Sock Aid

| Vive Sock Aid

Vive Sock Aid Specifications

Easy Of UseYes
ComfortableFoam Grips
Slip Resistant Yes
Type Of SocksMost
Price $( Check Latest Pricing)

Vive Sock Aid

  • EASILY PUT ON SOCKS: Easily put on your own socks or hosiery with the sock assist device. Perfect for those recovering from surgery, injury or those with limited mobility. Latex-free plastic shell contours to slide over the foot and heel, pulling up the sock with ease.

  • COMFORT GRIP FOAM HANDLES: Each handle is built up with a 3 cm foam padding for a secure and comfortable grip.

  • SLIP-RESISTANT CUFF: A wide, slip-resistant cuff ensures the sock does not slide off of the sock assist.

  • ADJUSTABLE CORD LENGTH: Sock assist cords are 33” in length. Simple length adjustments can be made with the button adjustors.

Pros For Vive Sock Aid

  • Very Easy To Use
  • Good For Getting Compression Socks Over Your Feet
  • An Inexpensive Fix
  • Good Quality
  • Great For Older Seniors

Cons For Vive Sock Aid

  • Some Said It Doesn’t Work With Swollen Feet
  • Some Said It Was Difficult To Pull Up
  • Some Said They Had Trouble with Knee Socks

#2. Allstar Innovations – Sock Slider

Allstar Innovations - Sock Slide

Allstar Innovations – Sock Slider Specifications

Easy Of UseYes
Slip Resistant Yes
Type Of SocksMost
Price $ ( Check Latest Pricing)

Allstar Innovations – Sock Slider

  • SOCK SLIDER: The fast & easy way to put on & take off your socks comfortably

  • EASY TO USE: Place your sock on the cradle, lower the cradle to the floor and slide your foot in

  • PERFECT FOR: Users with mobility limitations, injuries, and pregnancy

  • VERSATILE: Works with all kinds of socks (Dress, Casual, Athletic & Compression) & works as a shoehorn
  • COMPACT: Packs up easy for storage & convenient travel. Handle designed to work as a shoehorn

Pros For Allstar Innovations – Sock Slider

  • Best Thing That Happened To The Disabled
  • Heavy Duty
  • Good Quality
  • Definitely Worth The Money

Cons For Allstar Innovations – Sock Slider

  • Some Said It Doid Not Work With Bigger Socks
  • Some Said ItHad Assembly Issues.
  • Some Said It Had Poor Quality

#3. RMS Deluxe Sock Aid

| RMS Deluxe Sock Aid

RMS Deluxe Sock Aid Specifications

Easy Of Use  Yes
ComfortableSoft Shell
Slip Resistant Yes
Type Of SocksMost
Price $ ( Check Latest Pricing)

RMS Deluxe Sock Aid

  • Deluxe Socks Put On Assist Device: Helps individuals put on socks or stockings easily and independently. Ideal daily living aid for those having difficulty bending down, recovering from back, knee, or hip replacement surgery, or for those with limited mobility.

  • Flexible Contoured Plastic Shell: Contour shaped shell is Soft and flexible, specially designed for individuals who have weak hand strength, making it easy to insert socks onto the sock aid.

  • Soft and Non-Slip Foam Handle for a comfortable grip. A Slip-Resistant Foam Pad keeps the sock or stocking from slipping off of the sock assist.

  • Adjustable Ropes: Overall 38″ long with shell and cords. The ropes can be adjusted to your desired length by tying new knots as needed.

  • Shell measures 9.5″L X 5″W X 3″H.

Pros For RMS Deluxe Sock Aid

  • Works Very Well Even With Compression Socks
  • The More You Use It The Better It Gets
  • Good Quality
  • Very Simple To Use

Cons For RMS Deluxe Sock Aid

  • Some Said It It Did Not Work Well With Compression Socks
  • Some Said Their Foot Was Too Wide
  • Some Said It Was Too Frustrating To Use


To conclude, we’d recommend checking out the Vive Sock Aid as we think this has some of the best features compared to the others. It gives the senior the best value. It is a little pricier than some of the others. Vive Sock Aid is generally one of the most reliable stock aid in terms of quality and durability so we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Allstar Innovations – Sock Slide is a close runner up if you want the complexity of a Smart Phone.

If you are on a budget we suggest the RMS Deluxe Sock Aid which is the least expensive.

So we hope that helps to narrow down some of the best sock aid available. We’ll continue to monitor any new units that come out and add to this post if we see any that look promising.

Let us know which one you go for!

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