Gravity Defyer Pain Free Shoe. Are The Gravity Defyer Shoes Any Good? In This Gravity Defyer Shoes Review, I Reveal the Pros and Cons of Gravity Defyer Shoes.

I remember sitting in my car in front of the supermarket dreading to walk in because of a serious problem of Achilles Tenitisis. The pain was unbearable. The treatment was very long. When I think I could have avoided most of the pain by wearing proper shoes. Well, now I wear the proper pair.

If you have a foot problem now – it is a no brainer, but it is also necessary to prevent future foot problems. These foot problems can get worse over time. Spare yourself the pain. Get the right shoes.

It may also be helpful to look into footwear that provides your feet with extra support to avoid fallen arches and ingrown toenails, as well as to help you keep your balance while going about your daily activities. In more severe cases, depending on the foot condition you’re experiencing, some podiatrists may suggest custom orthotics or shoe inserts to help correct the alignment of your feet.

The message is to wear shoes that fit properly. It will save you a lot of grief in the future.

If you want to earn more about foot problems, the Orthofeet company has a learning center that has valuable information. Click Here.

What Is Gravity Defyer Shoes? | gravity


  • VersoShock Technology– Patented Spring System Absorbs Shock From the Ground up Converting it into Renewed Positive Energy.
  • Seamless interior for sensitive feet and diabetic neuropathy to prevent irritation.
  • Removable insoles to accommodate custom orthotic support.
  • Front rocker sole with a supported midfoot to prevent and relieve plantar fasciitis.
  • Extra depth and roomy toe box for bunions, diabetes, or just a little extra wiggle room, accommodates removable insoles.

Who is the Gravity Defyer Shoes For?

If you suffer from foot conditions or foot illnesses, leading a mobile, pain-free life can be a constant challenge.  You need the right pair of supportive and well-fitted shoes.  

Orthotic shoes are biomechanically engineered with unique comfort features to offer the very best solution for sensitive feet and other physical ailments affected by foot problems or poor posture. We combine the very latest, cutting-edge athletic footwear technology and therapeutic detailing to bring you the highest level of comfort and protection for your feet, knees, and lower back.

What To Look For When Buying A Pain-Free Shoe

  • The shoes should have a soft fabric interior, padded with foam to eliminate pressure points and friction against the skin, giving comfort and protection.

  • The shoes should have Orthotic Insoles with arch support controlling overpronation and reduces pressure on the bottom of the foot.

  • The shoes should have soft uppers with no overlays across the bunions and toes help eliminate pressure offering a relaxed, comfortable fit.

  • The shoes should have a wide toe box and extra depth design offers a relaxed fit and extra room for bunions and toes.

  • The shoes should have an ergonomic sole with a mild rocker design and superior cushioning help propel the foot forward and enhance comfort from heel to toe.

  • The shoes should have a soft, foam-padded interior that has a gentle contact with the foot, eliminating pressure points and enhancing comfort for arthritic feet.

  • The shoes should have multiple cushioning layers that reduce impacts on the heel, foot, and entire body

First Impressions

I was impressed with the style of these shoes. I was also impressed with the comfort of these shoes. They cover a large range of foot problems.  I liked the potential freedom from pain. This gives senior more opportunity to exercise and be on their feet longer.

Gravity Defyer Pain Free Shoe: Overall Thoughts

If you look over the pros and cons and examine the reviews you will see that there are more positives(540) than negatives (267) reviews. And many of the negatives are misconceptions. If someone doesn’t like how they look and gives a bad review. Wait until they feel the pain.

Pros For The Gravity Defyer Shoes

  • Extremely Light.
  • Lots of Support.
  • Enhances Posture. 
  • Great Quality.
  • Good Plantar Fasciitis Solution.

Cons For The Gravity Defyer Shoes

  • Some Said Bad On Concete Floors.
  • Some Said They Don’t Last Long.
  • Some Said Too Narrow In The Toe Area.

Amazon Review #1

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The Shoe WORKS!

Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2018

Verified Purchase

I have shopped for shoes for years. I have neuropathy, arthritis, fibromyalgia. I am on my feet for ten hours a day not including mom on the go after work. I have spent so much MONEY on shoes. I knew nothing about this brand, it happened to come up while shopping on Amazon. I went to reviews as I always do when looking at products. Decided to give it a try with little hope of the shoe working. The price was steep, but from the reviews, I really wanted to try these shoes. Their not the prettiest looking shoes, but I wanted relief from the pain that I have on a daily basis. When i received the shoes, I put them on and was not completely gone off the pain but I knew that something was different with this shoe. I wore the extra Slippin to the shoe that was sent and they felt really good. I kept wearing them around the house and decided to go on and wear them at work. There was some discomfort but not like I have had with other shoes and I knew that I was going to be OK with this brand. I find myself choosing to wear it this shoe instead of the other shoes that I have. I’m really happy with this brand. I like them. My pain when wearing this shoe is to the point that I can tolerate the pain much better than any other shoe that I have paid for. I am saving to buy another pair.

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Amazon Review #2

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 Enhances posture, comfort, and mobility without compromising style

Reviewed in the United States on September 27, 2019

Verified Purchase

Five weeks ago I broke my foot. Last week the orthopedist told me that I could gradually transition into a sturdy pair of tennis shoes. I decided to purchase these due to the published comfort and health benefits and support, and ordered both a size 9.5 and a size 10 to ensure a proper fit. (I wear a size 9 street shoe.) The 10 fit, though I think the shoe runs slightly small. They feel so good on my feet; I can stand up straight and walk in these with ease — even with a mending foot. I am going to show them to my orthopedist. I travel a long distance on a plane next week and thought that I would have to wear my orthopedic (CAM) boot and use a wheelchair. Now, I know that won’t be necessary. I feel as secure in this shoe (at this point in healing) as I do in my boot. And they are stylish too, but of course, I will properly accessorize the outfit!

My elderly neighbor who also has foot problems loved the size 9.5, so we gifted them to her. She could write a similar review.

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Conclusions About The Gravity Defyer Shoes

This is our runner-up because there are many good qualities and you can be proud of the way they look. It also covers a large range of foot problems. Plus it gets seniors to walk outdoors, to the supermarket, beach, or anywhere, which is tremendously helpful to their health. You can’t exercise for health if you are in too much pain from your feet. These shoes solve that problem,

Here Are Other Reviews That Can Help Keep Seniors Safe:

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