Best Ways To Troubleshoot Power Lift Recliners. Looking for How To Troubleshoot A Power Lift Chair?. This Review Reveals the best ways to troubleshoot a power lift recliner.

In general, troubleshooting is the identification or diagnosis of “trouble” in the management flow of a system caused by a failure of some kind. The problem is initially described as symptoms of malfunction, and troubleshooting is the process of determining and remedying the causes of these symptoms.

In this article, we’re reviewing how to troubleshoot a Power Lift Recliner.

How To Troubleshoot A Power LIft Chair:

Best Ways To Troubleshoot Power Lift Recliners

Power Lift Recliner Trouble Shooting Basics

Most lift chair failures are electrical in nature, so check these things first:

Test The Power Outlet

Make sure the chair is securely plugged into the wall outlet, and make sure the outlet is working. Check this by plugging something else (like a small lamp) into that same outlet. Sometimes wall switches control electrical wall outlets. Has the wall switch accidentally been switched “off”?

Test The Power Box

The transformer box is the small box that sits on the floor behind your lift chair.
There is a plug-in connection on both sides of that box- one goes to the wall, one goes to the back of the chair. Make sure they are both firmly connected. If you are able, also check the connection from the transformer to the back of the chair, to be sure it is firmly attached. Have a look at the cables and make sure that they are not cut or crimped in any way. If they are damaged in some way, the cables are easily replaced.

Test Your Hand Control (Remote Controller)

Check to make sure you have power to the hand control. If your hand control has a
light on it, make sure it is lit. If it is not, then the plug-in connection to your hand control may be loose. Golden Technologies hand control plug-ins are located in the side pocket. Pride hand control plug-ins are between the seat cushion and the backrest of the chair.

Make sure they are firmly connected. If all the power lights are on, but the hand control will not operate the chair, the hand control is easily replaced. Should you suspect a mechanical failure? Of course, any piece of equipment with moving parts could also experience a mechanical

Sometimes, if an object has accidentally gotten lodged under a lift chair it can cause it to malfunction, or make alarming sounds. Look under the chair when it is reclined and check. If there is nothing under there, you may have a mechanical issue.

When your lift chair stopped working properly did you notice any of the following?

o Did you hear a fairly loud “pop” at any point while the chair was moving?
o Do you hear a loud grinding noise while operating the chair?
o Is the seat or the backrest of the chair leaning to one side?
o Is the footrest failing to raise or lower along with the chair?

Here Is An Easy Video To Follow.


There are several commonly used methods for troubleshooting recliners. Some of these techniques are very simple, like assuring that the plug is in the outlet. However, if it gets out of your comfort zone, call a professional. Review the video above to see more simple solutions.

Good Luck…

Here Are Some Power Lift Recliners:

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