Best Tai Chi DVDs for Seniors. Looking for a Tai Chi DVD To Reduce stress, increase energy? Here are The 3 Best DVDs for 2020 Which Reveal the Favorite and Most Economical Tai Chi DVD.

Following Someone Who Is Great At Tai Chi Is Indispensable

It Is Not Something You Can Just Read About

TAI CHI FOR SENIORS is the perfect way to explore and experience the numerous benefits of Tai Chi, no matter what shape you are in. It is important to follow a DVD of someone who is good at it. This ancient, physical & meditative practice of the posture form is designed to build strength, improve health & flexibility, reduce stress, increase energy flow, promote health & wellness, and relax your mind.

If you are in a hurry, here are my favorite, runner up, and economical DVDs. I will go into more about why I like each of the DVD later in this article.

Tai Chi DVDs For Seniors At A Glance:

Image Name PriceCurrent Amazon Price
| taci begginersTai Chi For Beginners DVD
(My Favorite)
$12.98Current Price
| taci srengthBalance & Strength Exercises for Seniors
( Runner Up)
$16.95Current Price
| over 50 tai chi0Tai Chi Fit: OVER 50 Beginner Exercises
$10.20Current Price

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What To Look For When Buying A Tai Chi DVDs for Seniors

Ideally, you want to start with “Watch me” The instructor is facing you, demonstrating the complete movement once. The purpose of demonstrating is to give you an overview, as well as to give you the rhythm and feel. Demonstrate without any instructions; for giving instructions here will spoil the flow and may overwhelm some.

The next idea is to “Follow me” Now take the first part of the movement and do it with the instructors back to you and following them. Repeat this “Follow me” part a few times.

The last idea is to “ practice together” – the entire movement Do the whole movement as many times as necessary. Alternate between all the ideas above.

Top 3 Tai Chi DVDs For Seniors

Now that we have covered what to look for when buying your DVD, I will now review my best rated ones in each category.

#1 Tai Chi For Beginners – Our Favorite

| taci begginers



TAI CHI FOR BEGINNERS is the perfect way to explore and experience the numerous benefits of Tai Chi, no matter what shape you are in.

This ancient, physical & meditative practice of the Yang style 24 posture form is designed to build strength, improve health & flexibility, reduce stress, increase energy flow, promote health & wellness and relax your mind.

These 8 easy-to-follow lessons teach the Tai Chi postures with clear, step-by-step instructions. The routines are low-impact with modifications taught for less-flexible people.

World-renowned Tai Chi master Chris Pei leads you through customized lessons ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. This safe and effective program is suitable for everybody, all ages, and schedules.


  • 8 customized lessons to learn the Yang style Tai Chi 24 form
  • Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.
  • Exclusive Interview with the instructor.
  • Modifications of poses for less-flexible people.
  • Routines from 10 – 30 minutes
  • Over 3.5 hours of instruction

Pros For The Tai Chi For Beginners

  • Camera angles change throughout each lesson to clearly show important details from the front, sides, and rear.
  • In each of the 8 lessons, 3 moves are taught slowly and repeatedly without rushing.
  • The instructor points out minor but important details, and also the things that beginners often do wrong.
  • Good video and sound quality – the instructor is easily heard over the soft music.
  • Includes a separate warmup routine, and shows all 24 moves from beginning to end so you can do it with him after learning them all.

Cons For The Tai Chi For Beginners

  • Like on any tai chi DVD, at times you will need to deal with the “mirror image problem”( His right is your left), but the changing camera angles minimize this.
  • Some people will be frustrated by the slow-paced lessons, but this is necessary to learn the proper details of the moves.

#2 Balance & Strength – Our Runner Up

| taci srength


This DVD will improve your balance, strength, and overall fitness while enjoying the beauty of Glacier National Park!

This DVD has 9 completely different practice sessions, each 8 to 31 minutes long.

The practices draw upon the best traditional exercises, tai chi based movements specifically developed to improve balance in older adults, modified yoga poses, and easy dance-based stepping movements.

Your balance will be challenged in many different ways to help you move safely with grace and confidence. All movements are taught in a mirror image with clear easy-to-follow instructions and demonstrations.

All practices are done standing except where indicated.

The practices are:

  • Chair-seated practice to gently strengthen your entire body (17 min.)
  • Classic stationary balances performed holding onto a chair for support & seated core-strength work (31 min.)
  • Practical walking balances & dance-based stepping movements to improve your ability to react quickly and improve cardiovascular health, performed using a chair for support (16 min.)
  • More challenging walking & stepping balances, without a chair (18 min.)
  • Leg strength exercises (13 min.)
  • Upper-body seated strength & mobility exercises (12 min.)
  • Lower body stretches (13 min.)
  • Tai Chi easy full-body mobility practice (17 min.)

Tai Chi practice with 8 forms, similar to traditional tai chi, but modified to make it easier to learn and to emphasize the balance improving aspects of tai chi (8 min.)

Also includes a separate short (3-7 minute) tutorial for learning each of the 8 tai chi forms.

Designed and taught by expert instructor Jane Adams. Good balance and a strong body are essential for living an active, independent life and to prevent falls. Jane’s goal in producing this was to bring together the most helpful balance & strength exercises for seniors in one affordable dvd.

Pros For Balance & Strength

  • Excellent video loaded with a variety of balance and strengthening segments.
  • I was very pleased with the great cueing and careful instruction on correct form and body positioning in each of the sections.
  • This DVD is great for seniors of all ability levels.
  • Jane has incorporated seated strengthening and core work, to stationary balance, to dynamic balance activities demonstrated with and without a chair for upper extremity support.

Cons For Balance & Strength

  • Some say it is boring, and too easy.
  • ​Some say it was for the very aged and weak only.
  • Some say It doesn’t work on BLU-Ray DVD players.



#3 Tai Chi Fit for Over 50 – Our Ecomonical Choice

| over 50 tai chi0


ENJOY TAI CHI AT ANY AGE. Relax and stay healthy. Deep breathing relieves your stress, calming your mind and body on a cellular level, and immediately boosts your immune response. In Tai Chi Fit: OVER 50, Master-Teacher David-Dorian Ross leads you through a simple tai chi lesson.

Perfect for any age, this follow-along routine is shown in a mirror-view format with nothing to memorize. Just follow along, and you’ll enjoy the health benefits of tai chi, including improved mobility, balance, strength, and flexibility.

Perfect for seniors, those with limited mobility, or anyone looking for some gentle exercise, the OVER 50 workout combines basic tai chi moves and energizing qigong exercises for an easy, whole-body workout.

You’ll be relaxed and breathing deep in no time. Tai Chi Fit: OVER 50 includes: Mirror-view tai chi moves to the left and right.

Low-impact, whole-body exercise done sitting or standing. No experience needed; beginner-friendly follow-along workout. Tai Chi Fit: OVER 50 allows anyone to experience the wonderful feeling and benefits of tai chi without the stress of needing to memorize the movements. Just follow along, have fun, and keep smiling!

Pros For The Tai Chi Fit: OVER 50

  • No memorizing required – just follow the movements.
  • ​Low Impact.
  • Any age, any experience.

Cons For The Tai Chi Fit: OVER 50

  • A few said Routines are dull.
  • A few said the presentation amateurish.
  • A few said the pace unreasonably slow. 
  • A few said ​only one full workout only, needed more variety.

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