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3 Best Key Finders For Seniors In 2022

Looking for Best Key Finders For Seniors? Here are The 3 Best Key Finders For Seniors. This Review Reveals the Favorite and The Most Economical.

Key finders, also known as key finders, key locators, or electronic finders, are small electronic devices used to locate misplaced or stolen objects, such as keys, luggage, pets, or tools, and to transmit alerts. These Key Finders are great for people with Dementia. Helping them when their memory begins to fade.

Key Finders Can Save Time For A Senior

The Best Key Finders For Seniors

If you’re in a hurry, here are links to our favorite Key Finders For Seniors. We go into more detail about why we like them later on in this article.

Best Key Finders For Seniors At A Glance

Company Tile Mate (2020)
Keys Finder
Key Finder,
Esky Wireless
Key Finder 
Price Range $47.66$17.99$17.98
What They Findkeys, wallet, TV remote
control, purse, glasses
keys, wallet, TV
remote control, purse, glasses
keys, wallet, purse,
TV remote control, glasses
Local Distances 200 feet98 feet98 feet
How Far AwayTile ApplicationNoNo
SignalSound and light Sound and lightSound and light
How Many244
Check Current Price Current Price Current Price Current Price

Our Favorite Key Finders For Seniors Reviews

#1. Tile Mate (2020) Keys Finder

Tile Mate (2020) Keys Finder Specifications

What They Findkeys, wallet, TV remote control, purse, glasses
Local Distances200 feet
How Far Away Tile Application
SignalSound and light
How Many2
Price $( Check Latest Pricing)

Tile Mate (2020) Keys Finder

  • FIND KEYS, BAGS, AND MORE: Tile Mate is our all-purpose finder for a wide variety of items like keys and bags. The easy-to-use finder and free app work with iOS and Android. Keep track of more for less or give them to your friends and family as a gift.

  • FIND NEARBY: Use the Tile app to ring your Tile Mate when it’s within 200 feet.

  • FIND FAR AWAY: When outside of Bluetooth range, use the Tile app to view your Tile’s most recent location or enlist the safe and anonymous help of the Tile Network.

  • FIND YOUR PHONE: Use your Tile to find your phone, even when it’s on silent.

  • UPGRADE YOUR FINDING EXPERIENCE: Subscribe to Premium or Premium Protect for proactive finding features and enhanced services including Item Reimbursement, Smart Alerts, and Free Battery Replacement

Pros For Tile Mate (2020) Keys Finder

  • It Makes It So Easy To Find Things.
  • It Is A Life Saver.
  • It Found A Wallet And Save Them A Lot.
  • Some Have Used Them On Pets.
  • Very Easy To Setup.

Cons For Tile Mate (2020) Keys Finder

  • Some Said They Had Some Troubles Setting It Up.
  • Some Said It Is Not A GPS.
  • Some Said They Had Poor Customer Service.

#2. Key Finder, Esky Wireless

Key Finder, Esky Wireless Specifications

What They Findkeys, wallet, TV remote control, purse, glasses
Local Distances98 feet
How Far Away No
SignalSound and light
How Many4
Price $ ( Check Latest Pricing)

Key Finder, Esky Wireless

  • 98ft Long-Distance Tracking: With the item tracker, you’ll be able to find your stuff no matter how far away it is. Advanced radio frequency technology penetrates through walls, doors, cushions, and furniture, locating your items from up to 98ft away.

  • 4 Key Finders: With 4 color-coded receivers to attach keys, wallet, remote, glasses, phones, dog collars, or other things that are easily lost through the provided keyrings, you can press the matching button to locate them conveniently.

  • Sound and Light: The 4 in 1 wireless RF item locator makes finding your items simpler than ever. Once you press the corresponding button on the remote, just follow the beep sound! Better still, a built-in light on the remote gives better visibility especially in dark places or at night.

  • Keep Track of What Matters Most: Lost your keys? Can’t find your wallet? Looking for your dog? The Esky Key Finders take the stress out of lost stuff by easily attaching them to the receivers and then pressing buttons on the remote. You can find your valuables instantly!

Pros For Key Finder, Esky Wireless

  • Tracked, Pets, Keys, and Kids. Amazing.
  • Easy To Use And Setup.
  • It Makes Life Much Easier.
  • It Saves Time, Energy, and Money.

Cons For Key Finder, Esky Wireless

  • Some Said They Had Trouble Hearing It.
  • Some Said It Did Not Last Long.
  • Some Said They Had Trouble With The Battery Compartment.

#3. Toysdone Key Finder

Toysdone Key Finder Specifications

What They Findkeys, wallet, TV remote control, purse, glasses
Local Distances98 feet
How Far Away No
SignalSound and light
How Many4
Price $ ( Check Latest Pricing)

Toysdone Key Finder


  • Anything Finder: Findkey Item Key Finder with 1 RF transmitter (Remote Control) and 4 receivers for locating any items like keys, wallet, TV remote control, purse, glasses whatever you need to find.

  • Easy & Quick to Locate: Findkey Key Finder, Simply pressing on the related color-coded buttons, Powerful Finder Tracker radio frequency can penetrate through walls floors, etc to help find UP TO 30 meters away, quickly locate valuable items in your home or on your property.

  • Sounds & Mini Flashlight: Findkey Key Finder Receiver sounds/beeps, leading you to track your lost item. The remote control with a led light ON/OFF switch is located at the right side of the transmitter, it is extremely handy when you need to find something in the dark.

Pros For Toysdone Key Finder

  • Can Be Used on Many Things.
  • Saves A Lot Of Time And Energy.
  • Great For Alzheimer People.
  • Great For Someone Who Constantly Misplaces Things.

Cons For Toysdone Key Finder

  • Some Said The Beep Is To Low.
  • Some Said They Recived Defective Parts.
  • Some Said It It Did Not Last Long.


To conclude, we’d recommend checking out the Tile Mate (2020) Keys Finder as we think this has some of the best features compared to the others. It gives the senior the best value. It is a little pricier than some of the others. Tile Mate (2020) Keys Finder is generally one of the most reliable key finders in terms of quality and durability so we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Key Finder, Esky Wireless is a close runner-up.

If you are on a budget we suggest the Toysdone Key Finder which is the least expensive.

So we hope that helps to narrow down some of the best key finders available. We’ll continue to monitor any new units that come out and add to this post if we see any that look promising.

Let us know which one you go for!

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