Do Fears Of Falling Hold You Back? Look Inside To Discover How To Prevent Falling.

As I Get Older, It Hurts Me To Even Think About This

Fall Prevention For The Elderly Each year, thousands of older Americans fall at home. Many of them are seriously injured, and some are disabled. In 2011, nearly 23,000  people over age 65 died and 2.4 million were treated in emergency departments because of falls. And according to the likes of Harvard and Cambridge University, this same under the radar problem in your foot that’s responsible for 28,000 deaths from falls each year in older men and women, will double your chance of taking a nasty spill that requires invasive surgery and months of rehab after a certain age.

What If You Can Prevent Falling

  • That falling it is not the fate of the elderly.
  • You can spare yourself from breaking bones on a fall. Falls can cause broken bones, like wrist, arm, ankle, and hip fractures.
  • Or better not smacking our heads on the floor. Falls can cause head injuries. These can be very serious, especially if the person is taking certain medicines (like blood thinners). An older person who falls and hits their head should see their doctor right away to make sure they don’t have a brain injury.
  • Or even better not end up in an emergency room.
  • Doing daily activities because we did not fall.
  • You can stop worrying about falling.
  • You can stop feeling this might be the end of your life.
  • You can demand more respect from others.
  • Many people who fall, even if they’re not injured, become afraid of falling. This fear may cause a person to cut down on their everyday activities. When a person is less active, they become weaker and this increases their chances of fall

Falling Statistics Are Getting Worse. What’s Wrong?

If these falling rates continue there will be 7 deaths by falling an hour in 2030. That adds up to 61,320 for that year. One reason for this is there are a growing number of baby boomers reaching this age of falling. Another is the fact that people are not paying attention to preventing it. People ignore it until it happens to them. Unforantelty, that might be too late

Many falls do not cause injuries. But one out of five falls does cause a serious injury such as a broken bone or a head injury. These injuries can make it hard for a person to get around, do everyday activities, or live on their own.

What If There Is A Simple Solution For You

We need a solution now.

You see, despite what you might’ve been led to believe, the real cause of trips and falls has nothing to do with getting older or slowing down.

Instead, it all comes down to one thing

A sleeping nerve in your foot that’s responsible for over 97% of trips and falls in those over 60...

Discover this simple but effective approach to preventing falls in the elderly.


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