Is TheUigos LED Night Light Lamp Any Good? In This Uigos LED Night Light Lamp Review, I Reveal the Pros and Cons of Uigos LED Night Light Lamp

Night-time trips to the bathroom can be daunting for the elderly trying to find their way in the dark can be difficult enough, and even unsafe. Gadgets have been created to ensure bathroom safety, such as night lights, but the majority of these products had to be manually switched on or off. This left room for mistakes and the potential of having to visit the bathroom in the dark.  With new smart devices on the market, this is no longer a problem.

night light with inbuilt smart sensors will automatically switch on at duck and again switch off at dawn. This doesn’t just increase bathroom safety, but because of its energy-saving design, it also minimizes running costs.

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  1. Not too bright, not too dim, just the right amount of light to see where you are going in the dark
  2. Built-in sensitive light sensor, the nightlight automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn
  3. Night light uses 4pcs long-life LED, if lights up to 8hrs each day, only 2.2 kWh per year
  4. The nightlight is perfect for the hallway, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, nursery, kids room or anywhere you need some extra light
  5. If you’re not in love with it for whatever reason, we’ll give you a full replacement or refund—no questions asked.


Who is The Uigos LED Night Light Lamp with Smart Sensor For?

This product is for seniors who dare to get up in the dark and need a night light that turns on by itself so there are no mistakes.

My First Impression of The Uigos LED Night Light Lamp with Smart Sensor

It is very dangerous getting up in the night without lighting. This product automatically turns on and shuts off the light every day.

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Pros of The Uigos LED Night Light Lamp with Smart Sensor

  1. Great Light Coverage.
  2. Elegant Looking.
  3. So, Affordable.

Cons of The Uigos LED Night Light Lamp with Smart Sensor

  1. Some said it worked intermittently
  2. Some said some devices did not work
  3. Some said they received defective parts.

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My Overall Thoughts On The Uigos LED Night Light Lamp with Smart Sensor

After looking at this and weighing the pros and cons, this is a wonderful gadget that can save a senior from hurting by providing the appropriate lighting during the night.

In Conclusion  

The outcome is simple. This gadget will give you peace of mind, and freedom from pain.   Let’s keep our loved ones and those under our care as safe as possible from hurting themselves I recommend the Uigos LED Night Light Lamp with Smart Sensor

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