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Platinum Health: Amazon Performance


It is healthy to look at the average performance of a vendor. There are 10 products selected from the highest number of reviews in the first 3 pages of Amazon.  The selection is a random mix of product types. Its purpose is to see if there is a consistent performance for this vendor.

Here is Platinum Health Performance.

Total Reviews
Good ReviewsBad ReviewsGood/ totalBad/ TotalPriceTo See More Click Go
HydroGlyde Premium HEAVY DUTY Sliding Bathtub Transfer Bench and Shower Chair with CUT-OUT SEAT.66541282%18%$167.11Go
Chair with Padded Back and Arms6658888%12%$229.00Go
Platinum Health Bath and Shower Chair with Padded Swivel Seat4238491%9%$229.00Go
Hip Chair, APEX(tm) Premium, Padded, HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE, SEAT-ANGLE ADJUSTABLE1714382%18%$157.11Go
Gateway Premium Sliding Bath Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat-PADDED (Blue)119114596%4%$199.77Go
Shower Chair, Bath Chair, Padded with Armrests, Comfortable(tm) Deluxe Shower Chair. Institutional Quality. (Pink)129124596%4%$147.00Go
Bath Transfer Bench with Cutout, Deluxe All-Access for Tub and Shower Transfers. (Blue11962552%48%$119.00Go
AdjustaStep(tm) Deluxe Step Stool/Footstool with Handle/Handrail, Height Adjustable.3673412393%7%$64.11Go
Bath Bench Shower Bench, PADDED with Armrests. Independence™20200100%0%$99.11Go
Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench BY Platinum Health7397023795%5%$298.00Go
Totals for 10 Products1684152810291%

 Information was created on 2/08/2019. Prices and the number of reviews can change.


Here is where they sit with other top vendors.

Information was created on 2/16/2019. Prices and the number of reviews can change

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