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Ella H93217 Ultimate Walk-in Bathtub

Is The Ella H93217 Ultimate Walk-in Bathtub Any Good? If you need more safety in the shower or bath, then you know the importance of Walk-In Tubs for safety. In my Ella H93217 Ultimate Walk-in Bathtub Review, I go through the pros and cons of this Ella H93217 Ultimate Walk-in Bathtub and reveal if it is a sound and safe product.

 Walk-In Tubs Makes Bathing Easy, Safe, and Soothing

Safety is the biggest concern as we age. No more worrying about falling as you step in or out of a tub. That means fewer hospital visits fewer doctor costs.

Ella H93217 Ultimate Walk-in Bathtub Specs

Dimensions:30”x 60” x 38” with a wide 21” seat
Weight:240 Pounds
Price:$$$ (Check the latest price)
My Rating: 9.5/10

An Overview of The Ella H93217 Ultimate Walk-in Bathtub


  • Measures 30”x 60” x 38” with a wide 21” seat.

  • Gloss finish easy to clean white acrylic shell reinforced with a fiberglass gel coat.

  • Low step-in threshold, 2 stainless-steel grab bars, and slip-resistant floor to enhance the safety of the bather.

  • A heated seat and backrest will keep you warm and relaxed while the tub fills up.

  • 17 Air therapy system has a 3-speed air flow push control system and auto-purge that removes residual water from the pipes

Who The Ella H93217 Ultimate Walk-in Bathtub Is For?

Accessible bathtubs are bathtubs that can be used by people with limited mobility or the disabled. This walk-in bathtub, has whirlpool features, internal grab bars, anti-slip floors, and seats,  You can go from a wheelchair or walker directly into the tub without climbing over a tub wall.

My First Impression of The Ella H93217 Ultimate Walk-in Bathtub

This bathtub is impressive. Air and Hydro Jetting, Independent Foot Massage, Fast-Fill Faucet, Heated Seat and Backrest, Ultimate walk-in bathtub.

About the Ella H93217 Ultimate Walk-in Bathtub Brand

Based in Chicago Illinois, United States. In 2005, Ella’s Bubbles set out on a mission to reimagine the future of bathing. Since the walk-in bathtub market had limited options, Ella’s was driven to create unique, luxurious bathtubs. In order to ensure every detail was intentional and purposeful, Ella’s Bubbles devoted years to designing and crafting a wide variety of unique walk-in bathtubs.

Conclusion / Final Verdict

My Overall Thoughts On The Ella H93217 Ultimate Walk-in Bathtub

After looking at this closely and weighing the pros and cons, this is a good product for people who cannot take a proper bath in a regular tub. This is a Godsend.

In Conclusion  

Let’s keep our loved ones and those under our care as safe and informed as possible from falling, so I recommend the Ella H93217 Ultimate Walk-in Bathtub.

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Please! Review your decision with your doctor or other health care professional. Their personal knowledge of your unique health situation is valuable.

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